Monday, September 25, 2006

Work vs School

The main difference between work life and school life....Is the ability to take a day off for U2 related activities.

It pisses me off that : -
a) I didnt see the book signing invitation on time cos I cant access hotmail from work. Jeez!
b) Even if I had been picked, I wouldn't have been able to go see the boys as I'm expected to be at work all times....i cant take leave as I have just started working.

The smell of the U2 induced euphoria is driving me mad right now....with excitement. Shivers run up my back as i think of the boys assembling at the Barnes & Noble at Union Square and meeting fans. I am soo happy for the people who will be able to have this amazing experience! Think about it...meeting all 4 of them at one shot. Getting to shake their hands and getting their autographs....WOW!

I wonder if the boys would be able to hear my heart beat ridiculously fast 20 mins away? Would they be able to sense my excitement and fervor? All the happy and intense memories come flooding back from last year....oh dear!

Good luck to all who are making the signing event tomorrow... :-) You are lucky!


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Woe is me!

No internet connection at home....yet! Stealing other ppl's wireless is not that much fun...
So I have to update you guys on a lot of stuff. Roger Federer and Roger Waters being the highlights....

So here's a public apology if I havent replied to your emails/facebook walls/orkut scraps/360 comments/blogger comments....

I cant access most of these sites from bear with me while I get connected.

Stay sane...stay happy...