Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Interrupting the regular vacation blog....I bring you...


I first heard their music a couple of yrs ago..."Nine parts of desire"....the song haunted me for a long time before getting lost in my U2 induced euphoria. Now it's back...when I heard it on the OST for Bluffmaster! ! Excellent fusion for those of you who like that kinda music. Saira Hussain's voice is smooooth but haunting....(for lack of a better term).

Another really good song by

so check em out....

back to vacation bloggin....


Day 2: Food, Birthdays and Reunions

December 24, Saturday

Woke up to a cellphone call at 7-fucking-40 in the morning...Rads called saying she'd landed from Phoenix.....I groaned and croaked that we'd be there to pick her up. So did that...

By now, we were wide awake like we went out on a long-ish drive and I took in the sights and sounds of downtown Burbank. LOVED it....early morning...sunny....with a light mist in the air...aahhh....this is what life is. Beautiful houses in the hillside....

Then Rads treated us to coffee at Starbucks....yum yum!! Got home...woke up the remaining sleeping beauties....and watched Madagascar!! Hilarious movie. We also needed to cook for big double birthday party later that night. So baked a deliciously awesome Black Forest Cake ('s gone!) ....along with aloo paranthas (droooling now). Met Tron after 2 years....poor thing was teased and terrorized into a corner...lone boy amongst all girls...ha!

The Cake!!

I was still getting over the exhaustion from the last month at this day went by in a happy haze....coupled with a ton of food....Purrrfect! :D

Day 1: Return to innocence...

December 23, Friday: After eons of waiting for the finally arrived! Off to winter break...

"The Airport Episode"

I was extremely sleep deprived by the time I reached the airport (freakishly early) for my 6:20 am flight. After waiting and more 5:30, the flight was tagged "Delayed till 4 pm"....I was going to sit down and bawl cos I could hardly stay conscious at this pt of time. No weather WTF was going on?? Finally they announced that it was flight trouble and we would take off at 9:30.....time went on...and we took off at 11 am....and by this time I was dead to the world and passed out in my chair due to exhaustion.

"Back home..."

Sometime during the flight i woke up and looked out of the window to see the unmistakable sight of Arizona national forests below. My heart was beating...I wanted to jump out of my seat and be there...I was Back Home! :) :) :) Also passed over Meteor Crater...that was cooool!

"LA LA Land!"

Landed in LAX, met my buds, experienced highway traffic jams...but I was just too happy to be back on my turf to bother...and hip-hop CD was a HIT!! For lunch, for the first time in my life...I had pizza with eggplant on was surprisingly delicious!!! :) We were happy giggly girls and loving every second of it! The west coast was such a refreshing change from the east...what the heck was I doing there?? Happy ppl everywhere...ready with smiles...even at the grocery stores...*sigh* happiness....:)

Sleepy Time..

Finally...sweeeet sleep!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Thursday, December 22, 2005

all it takes is a hug make you feel loved, cherished, happy...

That's how I am at least...I got lots of hugs last night when I met my I went home a happy girl :-) It's the best form of showing affection in my says a lot through just a simple action. To me unties all the knots in my chest ...and takes away all my insecurities or worries..
It's like saying..."Come here, let me squeeze the pain out of you"...LOVE it...
If someone holds back while giving me a hug...or does a 'quickie'...I dont think i'd ever be able to connect to him/her.

ah anyway....LOTS of walking yesterday...Walked from 109th st to 56th to meet peeps for dinner...and walked BACK! ha! I justified all the food at least... :)

I'm almost done with Santa gifts makes me so happy...especially when the other person's not at all expecting it :)

Song of the day: "In God's country" by U2. Dont care for the chorus much....but Edge's guitarr riffs in the beginning are to die for....and I love the 'Desert...' lyrics... :) Can I say Repeat mode? ;) a ton of stuff to tie up today...then off for Winter Break baby! :)


Tuesday, December 20, 2005

NYC Gridlocked..

6 am this morning...walking home from school...usually deserted at this time. What a sight to behold...ppl dressed in suits...vehicles everywhere. Cabs all over the if attracted by the smell of their prey....I chuckle...go home, shower, get dressed and step out again. Another sight you never see on the Upper West side of and complete gridlock. Cars moving inch by the upper west side!!!!! I cant imagine what downtown and midtown must be like. This is a very selfish move by the TWU...and I completely agree with Mayor Bloomberg. Below is his statement...which I totally stand by

stay safe New's gonna be crazy...but let's work together as one...

---begin excerpt----

"Tonight, Roger Toussaint and the TWU have taken the illegal and morally reprehensible action of ordering a citywide strike of our mass transit system.

"The contingency plan that we outlined last week will go into effect and be implemented for Tuesday morning's rush hour. Among other measures, HOV lanes have been designated; Police checkpoints are being established and a new fare structure for taxis is in effect. The entire contingency plan can be viewed on

"At this hour, City Corporation Counsel Michael Cardozo is joining the MTA in requesting an emergency hearing in front of Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Theodore Jones. We will seek to show that the TWU is in contempt of the court's earlier injunction and ask the court to impose severe fines on the union and its members.

"I hope Judge Jones will grant this motion as quickly as possible. The union must understand there are real and significant consequences to their actions.

"For their own selfish reasons, the TWU has decided that their demands are more important than the law, the City and the people they serve. This is not only an affront to the concept of public service; it is a cowardly attempt by Roger Toussaint and the TWU to bring the City to its knees to create leverage for their own bargaining position. We cannot give the TWU the satisfaction of causing the havoc they desperately seek to create.

"Going forward, we will need to be patient, considerate and resilient. We can't let inconveniences, as massive as they are, stop our economy, shut down our schools, or jeopardize public safety.

"It will no doubt be a difficult time for people of this City and the region as a whole. But New Yorkers have made a habit of pulling through tough times and showing doubters what we're made of. These traits will be put to the test as long as this strike lasts.

"Rush hour will begin in few hours. I will join fellow New Yorkers going to work by walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to lower Manhattan. Let's show our determination by walking, cycling or carpooling, to get to work and school.

"We will show that New York City works even when our buses and subways don't. I have no doubt that, by working together, we can and will get through this.

"Thank you and have a good night."
---end excerpt----

Saturday, December 17, 2005

My dear friend's engagement...

*snifF* Niv is engaged!! to be married to my other friend Jeff! :) :) :D :D :)

I couldn't possibly be happier about this.... dearest friend from the Zoo ...the first Zootop i met and she's a terrific person.... boom cha buddy... ;)...

Oh man, this is just too good!! :)

Congratulations you both!

-Amrita :)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

and this too shall pass...

gotta keep the faith...

Read an interesting tribute to Lennon article in The Rolling Stones today...had never been a big fan of him. But the article made me curious....and I started listening to some of his post Beatles songs...they're nice. I had never been a Beatles fan....maybe i'll give that a hear sometime soon.

found the boot for 21st nov's u2 show....freaking yes!!! helps relive the sheer Euphoria...i still need to write a review....but i think it'll take too much frm me i will till winter break...

single digit countdown has begun baby!!!!!

love and cheer,

Monday, December 12, 2005

and then you reach breaking point much of life's curveballs can you take before you break?

I'm almost there....

Sunday, December 11, 2005

just to remove the sting...

...of the previous post. hello there! :)

Listening to Cafe Del Mar right truckloads of work of course....must get back to it....less than 12 days to go baby!!! :)

oh btw...gave in to temptation and bought some songs on's not per my 'save all money for iPod' campaign...ha! But its ok...I also need music to put on my future iPod....right? right? right? :P :)

Some of the iPod slogans are *AWESOME*.
"I think, therefore I Pod"
"I Pood"
"Apple of my I"
"iCame, iSaw, iPod"
"iPod, uPod, wePod"
"iPod therefore iAm"

Song of the day: 'Gasolina' by Daddy Yankee


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Of love and lost friendship....

My heart bleeds..

"Mohabbat palkon pe kitne haseen khawaab sajaati hai..
Phoolon se mehakte khawaab..
Sitaron se jagmagaate khawaab..
Shabnam se baraste khawaab..
Phir kabhi yun bhi hota hai ki palko ki daaliyon se Khawaabon ke saare parinde ud jaate hain..aur aankhein veeran si reh jaati hain"
--Javed Akhtar

It's been so long but there is still a void in my's bittersweet...the way things are right now is for the best...but noone can fill that least not yet...

jTb dOst

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

And once more...

...just to keep me going through this insane few weeks...

Lots of good songs been playing since yesterday. Arcade Fire is of course awesome. Been switching back to some of the Raaga tunes as well. Re-visited OSTs for Lakeer, Hum Tum, Salaam Namaste, Dhoom, Dus stuff

Song of the day: 'Baby can I hold you' by Tracy Chapman. I remember loving the cover version of this song by Boyzone...and their video. ha! Those were the high school....fanatics over boy bands...though none of us want to admit it! I dont is music right? :) Every video used to be adored and memorized ...same with lyrics....hahaha!

Alrite, back to work! Happy...umm...what day is it?...

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

It's an early Christmas!

so I passed out early last night and woke up at 4 am to read that my friend, XK or Christian....was on stage with U2 at the Boston show on 5th.

FUCKING AWESOME MOFO!!! Christian 'Santa' Kelty!!! You m ake me you babe! And you have got to let me touch your hand now that you shook Edge's hand...

This has made my week!!

A song for the moment:

"Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life
Try to make ends meet
You're a slave to the money
Then you die
I'll take you down the only
Road I've ever been down
You know the one that takes you to
The places where all the veins meet, yeah

No change
I can change
I can change
I can change
But I'm here in my mold
I am here in my mold
But I'm a million different people
From one day to the next
I can?t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no

Well I never pray
But tonight I?m on my knees, yeah
I need to hear some sounds that
Recognize the pain in me, yeah
I let the melody shine
Let it cleanse my mind
I feel free now
But the airways are clean
And there?s nobody singing to me now

No change
I can change
I can change
I can change
But I'm here in my mold
I am here in my mold
And I'm a million different people
From one day to the next
I can't change my mold
No, no, no, no, no
I can't change
I can't change

Cause it's a bitter sweet symphony, this life
Try to make ends meet
Try to find some money
Then you die
I?ll take you down the only
Road I've ever been down
You know the one that takes you to
The places where all the veins meet, yeah

You know I can change
I can change
I can change
I can change
But I'm here in my mold
I am here in my mold
And I'm a million different people
From one day to the next
I can't change my mold
No, no, no, no, no

I can?t change my mold
No, no, no, no, no
I can't change
Can't change my body
No, no, no

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down
I'll take you down the only road 'Ive ever been down
Been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Ever been down
Have you ever been down?
Have you ever been down?"

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lots to say....

Happy thoughts:
-Radhika Murthy of "ultrasonic giggle" her H-1 visa!! You have no idea how much trouble this saves my ears! Congratulations Rads! :)
-Christian Kelty is the shiznit! love the guy.....hey XK..."Remember the the U2 concert....?" Hugs to you :x
-Met Shipra after a long long time. It felt like yesterday since I'd talked to her.....good times....discussed our love lives in fun! :)
-Only 18 days to winter break.

Not-so-happy thoughts:
-Nose bleeding this Saturday..very scary experience.
-Another 18 days to winter break

On to other things....DVD review for "The Song remains the Same". Fan-fucking-tastic. It shows a Led Zeppelin concert in New York along with little skits performed by the band themselves. Jimmy Page is a sight to behold and his eccentricity and creativity ....just wow! The part where he plays the guitar with a violin stick is jaw-dropping. Bonzooooo!! The Moby Dick version i heard on this DVD is the craziest so far...pure genius. John was his usual smiling happy self...really good at the keyboards imho. But buddy...what's with the crazy baubles on your shirt? Now coming to Robert Plant...Wear better pants....or buy some underwear man!! Oh Gawd! You're so good at the rock....but no need to show off your jewels in such a manner...That was a huge sore point for me about this DVD. But other than that...KICK-ASS!!!

And this just in..Sharon got on stage at tonight's U2 show in Boston...yay for her.....but soo jealous!! :P

Its Monday!! :-S


Friday, December 02, 2005


This totally rocked my world....

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

News Map

My project...let me know what you think..

Monday, November 28, 2005


Thanks CK for the mp3s!

I will eventually start my music review website sometime next year. That should be oodles of fun considering I spend 60% of my time in and around music.


Pick your cause this Christmas

Why not invest in a charity or work for a cause instead of buying yet another sweater which you probably wont wear a couple of months down the road?

So,pick your cause and make a difference...even if it's only 5$

Here are a few:
-Music Rising:
-World Vision: Sponsor a Child


Friday, November 25, 2005


...i've gone Pro at lots of sets now...yay!

yeah...i lead an exciting life.

Widget Heaven!

It f-ing rocks!

Ta Da!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

dheem dheem tana na...

Russell Peters is hilarious. Period.
Saw another show of his last was fan-fucking-tastic!! Lauged till I had tears in my eyes...check it out here:

Ali coming tonight :) Niv tomorrow!! :) Wish CK was coming too.. :( Does anyone have the beam gun from Star Trek? :P The party will be incomplete without him....but we'll keep calling him so he has no escape... :D

Hmm...still got a pile of work left....but made some excellent progress yesterday...whew! with me to meetings and more....

take care...peace out!

Song of the day: 'O hum dum suniyo re' from Saathiya OST

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Keep it simple stupid....

...the logic for all Comp Sci problems apparently....

Monday, November 14, 2005

This and That

So lots of things to report from this weekend...

First of all (no ordering here....:P)...4 days to go for Harry Potter GOF!!!!!!

Then.....4 days till Ali and Niv get here!!!!!! Lois gets here in 5 days...and XK in 6 days!! ....AND....U2 in 7 days....WOW!! :)

Ok, on to other things...Had dinner with Bhai tonight. We discussed this and that...but most interestingly we talked about the kind of guys i would be interested in., intelligent, must like (preferably love) music, also dancing, adventure, travelling, hiking....must love me...etc... Not too much to ask is it? ;)

Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge was on Saturday...we had 12 hours to solve 21 puzzles and one Meta puzzle. My team got 7 right...and we were a heartbeat away from solving 4 more. The puzzles were really hard!!! But we had a ball doing nemesis was "Elementary, my dear Watson". Here you had to solve a Griddler (black and red) to get a shape...which oddly enough looked like a Chemistry Periodic table. ha! So you take the red elements in order to get: LiONeSiPCaGaYInTeDyErW!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ?? So after a LOT of brain racking...finally solved it: ...."Negate Y In Silica Powdyer" the result is "Silica Powder"...Ha! :P :) There were other interesting ones....but i dont have the energy to detail them here....

Hmmm.....sad news also...but I dont want to discuss it here...Sending healing vibes to my friend though.


Friday, November 11, 2005

AJAX rocks!!

From Wiki: "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, or Ajax, is a web development technique for creating interactive web applications. The biggest advantage of using Ajax technologies is that data can be manipulated without having to render the entire page again in the web browser. This allows web applications to respond more quickly to many types of user interaction and to avoid repeatedly sending unchanged information across the network.

Traditional web applications essentially submit forms, completed by a user, to a web server. The web server responds by sending a new web page back. Because the server must submit a new page each time, applications run more slowly and awkwardly than their native counterparts.

Ajax applications, on the other hand, can send requests to the web server to retrieve only the data that is needed, usually using SOAP or some other XML-based web services dialect. On the client, JavaScript processes the web server response. The result is a more responsive interface, since the amount of data interchanged between the web browser and web server is vastly reduced. Web server processing time is also saved, since much of it is done on the client."

:-D I'm a happy person today cos of Ajax....solved a major design issue for me. Really clever technology. I would go on about it more, but it's already detailed above! :-P


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bear Mountain hike

Saturday, 5th Nov 2005: Went to Bear Mountain (upstate NY) for a hike with a group of about 20 people...knew some of them. It was great!! :) Did a 6 mile loop starting from Base camp, all the way up to the summit of Bear Mountain and back down. Saw beautiful fall colors and discovered a hidden waterfall. Also hiked along the Appalachian for a couple of miles. ...this was actually quite funny. The Appalachian trail went by the highway for a bit and we were walking in a one foot wide pavement with cars zooming up and down from the summit and also a sheer drop on the other side. ha! The wide range of colors made every mile worth it. This hike was a bit different from the other ones i've been on...more rocky paths mainly. So our pace was very slow. The paths were blanketed in leaves and in some places that made it dangerous as well.

Anyway, it was great to get away from the concrete jungles and breathe fresh air....

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Gypsy in me...

Love The Gypsy Kings...Recently started listening to them...really happy music! :) Happy makes me think...I've always been on the hippy side. A friend of mine once told me...that i'm too hippy to be an engineer. He was like.."look at ur hair...look at ur clothes and bags"...and he's true...i am very hippy in my garb and attitude. (but i am still a bonafide engineer :P) My hair is usually all over the place...and lots at that! My clothes have something Indian about prints/colors/embroidery...etc. And bags...ahh...i have a collection of bags from India...all vibrant and detailed with embroidery or very hippy. (not hip maybe...but who cares?) Anyway, I digress....gypsy kings is definitely my kind of music...all happy and dancy...(if that's a word).

Posting from Swissotel...grinning like a cheshire cat ....nice room...i have my own desk...and I get to sit around in a dressing robe looking all important... :P But here's a thought...why dont hotel rooms automatically provide toothpaste??? what gives?

Artist of the day: The Gypsy Kings

Things to do for blog: Review of Zakir show from 28th Oct, Report of weekend hike!!

Haircuts: 1 (yay! I feel younger!)

10 days to go for Freakshow!!! ahhhhh :D :D


Friday, November 04, 2005

Oye! Chuk de phatte!

it has become a favorite yahoo audible...hehehe.

...a lot of Rock loving folk think it's absurd (or borderline insane) that I love hip-hop and pop. What can I say? I just love music in general. But I also looooove's my favorite thing to do...period! I love Carnatic classical's my absolute favorite form of music. Then comes Rock (classic, new ...whatever)...then fusion music...hindi, international...whichever. then the rest like hip-hop, pop...etc. I think the only genre of music that I dont have patience for is country...I like a couple of songs...but most of them irritate me cos to me they sound like commercials....not meant to offend anyone. There are great and talented country musicians out there.... other news...Went to this restaurant called Devi last night with bhai and some friends. Good food...but not good portions. hehe. Loved the lanterns there...very very artsy and bright. Also visited Flute again after a long very first bar visit in NYC was Flute...:) Love the place..

Anyway, on that note...ITS FRIDAY!!!! :) Trek tomorrow...mountain air at last! besides that....still buried with work. Back to it...

Song of the day: 'Gold Digger' by Kanye West and Jamie Foxx

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath

Yes yes, it's definitely time for some good old Sabbath.... :)

With about 3 hours of sleep in me...and none to look forward to for another 16 hours at least.....I really NEEED Ozzy to shout "All aboard" at me....or..."I am Iron Man"...hehe. Another song I'd like to hear right now is "Fear of the dark" by Iron Maiden.

Yup, school's funnnn....who needs to sleep eh? Back to cutting edge research that'll cost me my back and sanity.....

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Here's to a brand new year ahead :) Wishing everyone good health above all things....and prosperity.

I miss India a lot at this time of the year...and my parents of course. I have to go get ready for school now...need to figure something new to wear. But for, I leave you with these pictures: -

Blogger didnt want to upload anymore...sorry...

but Happy Diwali!! :D :D :D :D

Monday, October 31, 2005 make me...

...choose...I can't ...I suck at it...arrrgghhh!!!

I'm faced with two different scenarios both though...i need to choose one thing over the other...

The old pros versus cons game doesnt work really well it's driving me mad...I think i'm gonna toss a coin instead.... :S What is the probability that I'll get 3 heads if I flip an unbiased coin 8 times? hmm?

Song of the day: 'Fade' by A Sheep At The Wheel

Thought for the day: 18 days to go for Freakshow....and also...should I go for the Halloween Parade in the Village...or study?

Update: -
Scenario 1: choice has been made.
Scenario 2: choice was made yesterday but has led to nasty repurcussions...will reconsider.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gulab Jamuns aur Patakhe

I'm determined not to let the spirit of Diwali die despite the grave events of this morning...

Diwali is almost here....the best time to be in India in my opinion. Lights, food and festivities everywhere....people visiting each other and exchanging gifts and sweets...its awesome! And not to forget the gazillions of fireworks....Used to enjoy that a LOT as kids. The sheer delight when an "Anaar" came to life....fountain of sparks...beautiful :D

Gulab jamuns are my mom's favorite sweet I They're delciious when served hot...and my dad likes to eat them with icecream...yeah...weird!! hehehe.

I can make them really well too....(read:

So this Diwali I think I'm going to make gulab jamuns. Though I still need to go and buy the mix to make them. To do for tomorrow.

Review from last night's concert is still in the follow soon.

Happy Diwali! :)

Friday, October 28, 2005

Am I standing still?

FRIDAY!!! This week's been eventful...culminating in some well-deserved (in my honest opinion) and long awaited news...

I had myself a small celebration last night and there was tequila involved!!! Went to a Halloween Party (without a costume!! :( ) Had copious (not thaaaat copious) amounts of alcohol and was scared that I wont wake up in time for a 9 am meeting. But I did make it...and how! :) No hangover yet....but very sleeepy.

Exciting stuff tonight...Zakhir Hussain in concert!!!! :-) It'll be great to see him perform again...Saw him perform with Shakti and Tabla Beat Science. TBS just blew my mind....I was only wishing that Talvin Singh had performed as well that night. THAT would have made my night...BIG admirer of Talvin me.

Continuing with my fascination of Franz Ferdinand...saw their music videos and I LOVE the feel of all of them...also heard a single from the new album.."Do You Want to" was great! I really liked the video for "Take Me Out"..heh!

But the album on repeat mode is "Blend" by ASATW. So....

Song of the day winner is: "Another Game" by A Sheep at The Wheel.

~Ammu :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

40 feet fav Franz Ferdinand song...Love the line: "40 feet remain"

in a daze now...lot's of stuff going on...some good...some bad...

Was looking at pics from last year...what a difference!!

Random ramblings at 3:30 in the morning...not much coherence right now...


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Decisions,! :)

So I've decided not to go to India this December. The whole point was to get my visa renewed and get my wisdom teeth extracted...(yuck!). But the whole visa renewal thing is too risky. So instead, I get to take a 3 week break which I'm sooooo looking forward to. Definitely going to visit, Maddy in Chi-town, Ash and Shwe in LA and maybe also Nandini in Austin. I would really like to make a trip up the Pacific Coastal Highway...up to SFO. I havent been there in a really long time. We'll see :)

For now, I cant wait for the next 2 months to go by....Happiness! :D


Sunday, October 23, 2005


Thanks to some Zoo friends...i've been reminded of my vintage rock collection (apart frm Led Zep that is). So I've been listening to Queen, Extreme, Creedence Clearwater Revival, ACDC etc. Good stuff...esp the Queen live at wimbley collection. Amazing voice Freddie Mercury had!! Extreme's "More than words" is one of the most moving ballads I've ever heard...Sang it many times with friends accompanying on the acoustic guitar. The best part of the whole thing...was this beat ...."knocking on the guitar"...which this friend of mine Basty used to hit home. CK sang it a few nights ago...and that was beautiful as was great to resurrect the song after soooo long. Oh and i finally mustered the courage to sing a small Norah Jones song in front of an audience...hehe. "Lonestar".....soon the old Ammu will be back in full force...

Hmm, in other news...The Freakshow is certified to descend on 18-19th Nov 2005. Hotel bookings done! :D

Still praying for people in Mexico...and now Florida...

Lots of Happy Monday wishes,

A Zoo November!!

So about a month left till the party of all parties descends on NYC. Alicia is visiting!!!!!, Nivi is coming back for a week (yay), Lois, XK, His Flyness will be here as well....not to mention Noreen, Fran, Steph who'll be around...

Hotel booking is in progress....and so are other plans....

So, these are the things that I hope Alicia will enjoy when she visits: - (most of my favorite nyc things ....i'm sure there'll be more added here....)
1. UF2 - 18th - saloon, NYC
2. UF2 - 19th - mulcahy's, LI-NY
3. Cafe Wha? / CB GB's
4. Broadway play
5. Central Park (lennon memorial)
6. Statue of Liberty
7. Times Square
8. Kati Rolls...yummm!!!
9. Nutella Crepes at Central Park
10. The Met
11. Dosas at Curry Hill
12. Lots of cheap!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Die Wilma, Die!!

It sucks!! It's a cruel joke on the people of the Gulf...

I hope the weatherman is wrong and the storm doesn't do much damage...prayers go out to everyone there...



Coffee and lots of Led Zeppelin....loooong night ahead...:-)

What's goin on...

Exhausted today...Passed out for 4 hours in the evening and now i'm wide awake and trying to figure which other thing to do from my long list of to do...

Finally watched the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and saw U2 being inducted...oh my!! Great tribute speech by Bruuuuuuuce. :-) See, i'm obviously not the only one who thinkgs U2 rocks!! :-P

Few events in Nov that i'm looking forward to:
1) U2 live DVD
2) Harry Potter GOF movie
3) Alicia's visit!!! (and i'll get to meet Niv again..)

Back to work...I might sleep for another couple of horus and start off on my Thursday!


Tuesday, October 18, 2005


I'm trying to hold on to something...anything...I guess I'm looking for security...something or someone that will tell me that "every little thing will be allright". But a part of me also wants to keep changing, keep looking ahead....and moving on....(Is it just me..?)

So in this apparently eternal struggle....the real quest should be create happiness along the way. Right? That's what I try to remember...especially right now when there are not enough hours in the day to complete the work that I want to do...or need to do.

*sigh* Moving on....i've a fuckload of stuff to do today...especially as I passed out for 8 hours last night even though I was supposed to stay all night...shite!

In other news.....Franz Ferdinand is still rocking my world...and i feel bad that I couldn't see their show last night.

I've been Zoo free for about 32 hours now...Wont log in till tonight 11 pm according to self-imposed curfew. That place sucks you in..heh!

Adios...have a nice day me...and you.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Franz rocks!

I've really started to dig Franz Ferdinand. Their album is superb. Also today's favorite music is spanish guitar by Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia.

Still reeling from my 2nd U2 week of the year. Windy and cold day in NYC. Went out for a walk by The was beautiful. There was a huge cruise liner there which looked completely out of place though...:P hehe.

Learnt l33t and ....was fun!!!!

more later...tomorrow is monday...yuck!! :(

Saturday, October 15, 2005

How Amri flew to the moon and back...

Dreams do come true, Prayers do get answered….or maybe it’s just that I was recently appointed Acting Director of all things Edgesteban for Mr.FlyNation…..but after 8 years of adoring U2 and praying for a chance to meet The Edge….it finally happened. Yes, I met Mr.The Edge yesterday in the pouring rain at MSG before the show. (14th Oct). And you’ll be proud to know that I behaved like a disgraceful jerk and I’m positive I made a blubbering fool out of myself. But the end result is that I now have my Mrs.TheEdge shirt signed by Mr.TheEdge himself!! This is how it all went down…..

A small group of us were waiting at the meet and greet area since 3 pm in the pouring rain and we were sure that the boys wouldn’t be stepping out to meet us. But we hoped that they might take pity on our sad states and spare a couple of minutes at least.

4:15 pm: Larry drove by and without sparing us a glance; he sent a Peace sign our way.
4:30 pm: A black limo pulls up with tinted windows but noone comes out from MSG to open the barricades and let the car in. The guy from the passenger seat comes out (Irish, with salty gray hair) and asks us to move aside. The car goes in but noone could figure out who was inside. I presumed it was Adam or Paul McGuiness. Then we notice the car stopped at the loading dock entrance and it slowly reverses back to where we were standing. By this time I’m totally excited because I think that we’re going to be meeting one of the boys and most probably Adam. Mr.SaltyGrayHair steps out and goes to the boot to take out a giant umbrella. At the same time someone jumps out of the back and with hands deep inside his jeans pockets, he gives us a big grin. IT’S THE EDGE!!! He looked straight at me and we stare at each other for a good 5 seconds. My brain went blank and hand-eye-limb-brain coordination went to the dogs. The Edge shrugged his shoulders probably thinking that “OK! This girl is weird!” He turned and went to meet the fans at the start of the line (I was in the middle).

Edge at start of line:

Something inside my brain clicked and I scrambled to take out my Mrs.TheEdge tshirt from my bag dropping my umbrella and 50 other things in the process. Next came a mad rush to find a sharpie. I had obviously not thought of what to say to The Edge cos I didn’t believe in a million years that I would actually get to meet him. He came up to me and I shook his hand and asked him if I could take a picture of him. He said: “Picture? Snap away!” I obviously didn’t make it clear that I wanted a pic of me with him. *slaps forehead* He started signing autographs next to me. Then I remembered that I needed an autograph too so I hung my tshirt on the barricade and requested him to sign it. He looked at it and signed it nice and big with a red sharpie. I don’t know what he though of the image….he didn’t show any reaction. I hope he read it.

Edge after he signed my shirt:

Edge going down the line: Before Edge left to get into his car, I yelled out “Edge you’re the best!!” He waved back at us and got in and left.

Edge leaving (bye!!): Giddiness set in. I could NOT believe that I’d finally met The Edge….I’m never washing my hand again (lol) and The Tshirt is going to be framed! I called a bunch of people to share the news. Sharon, Noreen, Irene and Erika got fierce hugs from me….I was dancing and jumping with joy right there in the middle of 33rd street. Then we were off to Charley O’s to get in from the rain, celebrate and meet other zootops. Margaritas followed and I was very drunk and high on love and life in general.

THE TSHIRT!!: COBL: The show was great. Bono called us New Yorkers “Noisy Fuckers” lol. The Edge rocked Electric Co as always…that’s really his song. We got GLORIA!!! That’s one song which drives me over the edge whenever I hear it live. We also got Party Girl in the last encore in place of Walk On. YAY!!! :D :D Kept thinking of my fellow Party Girl fans…Nivi and Jeff!! Unfortunately no Boom Chas last night either :( Zootopians I met: PD, Servo, 2blue, Mr.Fly, Zoobdube, Fragrant, Lovey, JackieD, LoveandPete, CynthiaColleti, Kite, HuggoMartini, U2 babydoll

I still can’t believe I met Mr.TheEdge though the t-shirt is hanging right in front of my eyes. Next goal: to get a picture with him…and maybe a hug. Hopefully next time I won’t be a blubbering idiot and actually say something intelligible.

More pictures from yesterday:

~Amri ta

Monday, October 10, 2005

Amri's journey through GA!! (VERTIGO 2005)

Videos (I highly recommend Electric Co, First time, Fast Cars, LPOE):


How do you put words to a feeling without killing it? I don’t know….but I want to share it with you…so I’m going to try to keep the feeling alive…

October 7th will go down in my history as one of those days that I hated being captured in my body. I wanted to soar the skies, I wanted to dance with Bono, I wanted to hug the Edge, I wanted to give Adam & Larry a kiss for being so adorable. Let me start by explaining the events of that day…my very first GA experience ever.

Oct 2nd morning: Brainwave occurred while thinking about The Edge. “I should wear a Mrs.The Edge tshirt” The idea was exciting…so I asked my Knight in Shining Armor a.k.a Maximus to create the graphic for me.

Oct 6th 11:30 am: Begged Kinko’s to create a tshirt for me with my “Mrs. The Edge” print. They had all these rules about 24 hrs…so I was wary…cos we had to be in GA line early in the morning (GA tickets yay!!).
Oct 6th, 9:30 pm: Picked up Noreen at Penn Station. No signs anywhere of a U2 show the next day…no fans…no scalpers…no neon lights! We hailed a cab and headed homewards when enroute we saw a Vertigo truck! We went NUTS screaming and high-fiving…:P lol
Oct 6th 11:00 pm: Kinko’s guy calls me saying my tshirt’s ready! Holy Crap!! Noreen and I head out to grab a bite at “Tom’s restaurant” (The Sienfeld restaurant) and Starbucks. Then came a midnight rush to Kinko’s to pick up my tshirt…it looked fabulous and I was giddy at the thought of Edge seeing it! Heh! J

Oct 7th 1 am: Dying of exhaustion due to a severe shortage of sleep. But wanted to share my tshirt story with everyone…especially Max. So took a picture and shared it with some zootops. Together, we decided that I would definitely get pulled up on stage because of it….more giddiness!! :D
Oct 7th 5 am: Needed to finish some work…so got up early. Noreen hardly slept because of excitement. J
Oct 7th 7:15 am: On our way to VERTIGO!!! We could hardly contain or excitement. MSG rules said no GA line before 8 am, so we decided to reach the venue 7:30-ish. We reached at 7:45 and found out to our dismay that there was already a line and people were being numbered. We made a beeline for where the line started (8 Penn Plaza, 33rd st) and were numbers 44 and 45. Gee whiz!! We were really scared for a second …The Line was organized by a guy called Jim and he took real good care of the whole thing.

So we got ready to wait about 10 hours outside and were hoping it wouldn’t rain too much though the clouds were arriving. Met Alexa (I AM WHAT I AM) and her mom. Then met Steph (EdgeFan4Ever), her mom, Erika. As the day went on, we met a gazillion more people including the hilarious North Bowman from Hamburg, Germany. Had a blast throughout the day, made my “BOOM CHA” banner cos that is the one song that I want to hear them play…I LOVE POP! Around the meet and greet time, met some other fabulous zootops as well…Kite, HuggoMartini, Bob L, Vikki, Clare, Odie, James, Steph (Lostinwoods), Sharon (servo), Fran (franna1). The London people were giddy with excitement and so were we…there was much screaming…lol. Also met some people…Erin…funny guy (best friend!), Ben, McPhisto girl, Lindsey, Jen, Jen. So you get the picture…a whole lot of people!

Now comes one of the day’s highlights…meet n greet time. Cars driving by but noone stops. Then suddenly Bono’s SUV drives in and he jumps out. For what lasted about 45 seconds, he went down the line shaking hands and a lucky few got an autograph from him. I was at the other end of the line, so I waited with baited breath not ready to believe that I was going to meet Bono. By the time he reached my side, he was in a hurry to leave but he looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand and ran back to the SUV!! :D :D :D Oh God!! I couldn’t believe my luck…I was brain dead for a few seconds after that. His hands are really soft in case anyone was wondering…lol! Now if only the Edge had stepped out…I would have died right there.

Close to show time, it starts raining and we were told that we’d be let in early. 6 pm, I’m going crazy with excitement, everyone runs back to their spots in line. We’re let in and Noreen and I are praying for the bomb shelter…but no luck. Our entire gang of about 15 people ends up without the “Vertigo Vertigo Vertigo” signs. We resolve ourselves to hitting the rail on the Edge side to make up. So when the time came, we made a beeline….up 2 escalators, down a few pathways, and onto the floor. We made it to the tip on Edge’s side. Me and Erika were on the rail bit containing the small platform so now we’re even more excited. When the dust settles, I started looking around…reacquainting myself to the Vertigo stage, MSG etc. The view from down there is amazing…and very humbling.

Keane starts playing…they rocked!!! I enjoyed every song….sound check time. Rocco drops a few guitar picks but I couldn’t get my hands on one. I’d been holding out my Boom Cha banner throughout of course. Then it begins…”Wake Up” by Arcade Fire starts playing and we all go maaaad!! :D :D :D

9:20 pm Edge steps out and starts strumming the opening rythms of COBL. We saw Bono reach the stairs and climb up…and that’s it…VERTIGO WAS UPON US!!! Among the screaming and singing, I noticed Adam and Larry step out as well and we were well into COBL. Awesome performance as always, it’s a good show opener in my opinion. We swiftly moved into Vertigo before which Bono says “New York City, Friday night, Home sweet Home”…and the crowd went nuts!! The beginning of Vertigo was a lil rocky…but the crowd took over and made it perfect! :P No offense to the boys.

Guess what? I think U2 found their fifth band member. The audience!! :-) Bono got what he wanted everytime he looked at us….and the wooo-hoooos of Elevation rang out loud in MSG. You should have seen The Edge gyrate and play that guitar…oh my!!! *fans herself* Power packed performance.

There were 6 songs on the set which blew me away and Electric Co was the best of all of them. The Edge finally stepped on to the ramp…and he danced, stomped, gyrated his way across with killer riffs….my heart stood still and I’d died and gone to heaven. Seeing him do that on a guitar 2 feet away from me was mind-numbingly brilliant. Him and Bono dancing…pure drama…but perfect! Then we had ISHFWIALF, Beautiful Day, Miracle Drug, SYCMIOYO…all awesome and much much better from the floor.

Now come Love and Peace…my absolute favorite Vertigo show song. Seeing it frm the front was extraordinary. Bono even came and stood on the little platform an inch away from me….oh my God!! I touched his leg….OOOOHHH!! :D ;) I can hear thuds now…haha. Sunday Bloody Sunday was as powerpacked as usual…so was Bullet The Blue Sky. It was nice to see the COEXIST headband up close.

At some point of time Bono did his speech about the Edge belonging to the future…that was really really cool. I dug it. “Bonorotti” was born as Bono sang Miss Sarajevo. I had to keep reminding myself that the band had members besides the Edge cos I would keep gazing at him. Hehe. PITNOL, Streets and One…the power triplet…perfect perfect perfect! The audience sang along…and Adam walked out and let some people touch his guitar!!! Wow.

Encore 1. The First Time is a beautiful live song. And it’s even prettier when you have the Edge slow walking down the ramp 2 feet away. *drooool* Stuck in a moment followed with Edge singing along. Then Bono says “Now we’re gonna play a song which most of your haven’t heard of”. Opening drums for “Fast Cars” and I lost it ….jumping up and down….started recording it. It was amazing…even more so cos of E(dge)steban (borrowed frm Mr.Fly). He danced on that Spanish guitar of his. If I loved him before…I don’t know what I was feeling now.

The show ended with ABOY, Crumbs, Yahweh, WOWY…very very nice! Edge’s guitar string broke during Yahweh….which was very funny. The Edge walked back and shook hands with Erika right next to me and someone behind me….but not mine. I was heartbroken and started crying when the show ended. Not just cos of The Edge…I guess the whole emotion of being so close to the band…came out. It was a perfect and awesome day. I left MSG feeling numb and reeling from the riffs.
I’m happy I met so many Zootops and made new friends. All thanks to one of my oldest friends from the Zoo…Noreen!! ((hugs)) Gracias! And thanks to Max for the tshirt graphic….and BOOOOM CHA!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2005

movies for the weekend

Bollywood is on the cards of late...

Main Prem Ki Diwani Hun
Jewel Thief
Munnabhai MBBS

Movies watched over the last 2 weeks:
Veer Zaara (ok)
Dus (ok)
Sarkar (excellent)
Page 3 (excellent)

Thursday, April 28, 2005