Thursday, November 17, 2005

dheem dheem tana na...

Russell Peters is hilarious. Period.
Saw another show of his last was fan-fucking-tastic!! Lauged till I had tears in my eyes...check it out here:

Ali coming tonight :) Niv tomorrow!! :) Wish CK was coming too.. :( Does anyone have the beam gun from Star Trek? :P The party will be incomplete without him....but we'll keep calling him so he has no escape... :D

Hmm...still got a pile of work left....but made some excellent progress yesterday...whew! with me to meetings and more....

take care...peace out!

Song of the day: 'O hum dum suniyo re' from Saathiya OST

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Rajesh Warrier said...

You wont believe what this guys is capable of until you see one of his shows.

I happened to see one of his shows in Chicago ( the 'somebody gonna get hurt' ... one) and damn he was good .. but saw this one just now .. its awesome ..