Thursday, June 29, 2006

writer's block

...or something like it. There's a lot of things that I want to write about....but just cant bring myself to. It's one of those phases in life when I want to do a lot but am just feeling too "blaaaah" to do any of it. hehe.

So I might as well talk about some things that dont really matter to the rest of the world to an earth shattering extent.

Movies that I am DYING to see:

- Nachoooo Libre
- Krrish
- The Devil Wears Prada
- Wordplay
- Superman Returns
- The Pirates of the Caribbean -2
- Lady in the Water

Awesome experience of this week:

Broadway Under The Stars. When Broadway literally moved to Central Park's Great Lawn. What a show!! Thousands of people gathered together under the cloudy and threatening New York skies. In front of us was the stage. Backdrop: A few thousand new yorkers, a big clump of trees and the impressive NYC skyline. As the sunset and the performances started...we sat back....let the cool wind wash over us and watched the city lights come on. It was a surreal feeling. Niceness! :-)

And in other news...

Looking forward to moving into my own apartment desperately. Hmm...not much else to say right's 4 am in the morning and I have overdosed on sleep...hence cant sleep tonight. Maybe i'll stay awake till Bono's interview on ABC this morning. Or was it NbC? eh...

Keep reading my people... I promise to get the creative juices flowing again soon.

Ciao ciao ciao

Sunday, June 25, 2006

what am I doing

....this weekend?

Wake Up
Watch Germany vs Sweden (The Swedish goalie was awesome)
Watch Argentina vs Mexico (Oh Mexico!)

Wake Up
Watch England vs Ecuador
Watch Portugal vs Ned

Good plan.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Ads

My 2 favorite World Cup ads at this point of time are embedded below. And let me just add here that I love the fact that for a LOT of video spots, ESPN has been using U2 tunes. So far I've heard COBL, Elevation, Vertigo, It's a beautiful Day. It's AWESOME. Catches the spirit completely.

Here's the Jose + 10 ad by Adidas. Love it.

And here's an amazing ad from FIFA women's world cup in 2003.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

My blog is back!

Yippee! My blog is back. Something had gotten messed up with Blogger and my blog had become unaccessible. But thank goodness its back *fingers crossed*

A very interesting article I came across today: India's influence soars.


Friday, June 16, 2006


Excerpt from Coldplay's "Square One"

"oh, you just want
somebody listening to what you say
it doesn't matter who you are
it doesn't matter who you are

is there anybody out there who
is lost and hurt and lonely too
they're bleeding all your colours into one
and have you come undone
as if you've been run through
some catapult had fired you
you wonder if your chance will ever come
or if you're stuck in square one "

It's deja vu all over again with respect to matters of the heart. So am I stuck in square one? Or will things get better? I'm a good person....I really am. So I believe they will.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Please to be rafting

So this weekend was adventure packed! Went to Lake George in upstate New York with 16 others with the intentions of white water rafting in the mighty Hudson River Gorge. On Saturday (10th), we drove into Bolton Landing where we had reserved very cute cabins at the Twin Bay Village. I had seen the weather report before leaving New York City and knew that it was going to rain big time and the clouds were rolling in steadily when we reached.

The Lake itself was absolutely beautiful. It reminded me of Lake Tahoe a lot. The Village of Lake George was thumping with activity as it was a huge biker rally weekend. So we saw bikes of every brand, make and size imaginable. Anyway, so we checked into our cabins. One of them had a neat boardwalk closeby and the view of the Lake was breathtaking from there.

The Tongue Mountain Hike

While planning the trip, I had made one thing clear....we had to go on a hike!!! We just had to. Even it was only 1 mile. So despite the rain, we set off on a hike at the nearby Tongue Mountain. We were ready to get completely wet.....but the canopy of trees kept us dry. It was a bautiful experience to hear rain falling steadily around us, but not getting wet at all. The hike itself was very enjoyable but scary at times. Courtesy spooky stories delivered by K, Sam and Seems.... pbbftt... :P


We came back from our hike to Bolton Landing where another surprise was in store. Complete blackout. No Power anywhere. So we whiled away time and waited for it to come back. Hanging out in utter darkness with some 10 other people, drinking vodka and waving flashlights around turned out to be a lot of fun in the meantime :-) hehehehe. The power did return eventually and we played a hilarious and a tad competitive game of dumb charades. It was too much fun. The night ended on a happy note....but due to the rain, extreme cold and the aftermath of the blackout, there was skepticism about actually going rafting the next day.

Please to be rafting NOW!

Sunday morning dawned nice and dry thankfully and brought with it a fresh jolt of enthusiasm to raft. We will face the cold! Yes we will!

So the company we went to was Wild Waters. Highly recommended. They make the whole rafting adventure very comfortable and friendly. We got to wear really cool wetsuits! They shuttled us up to the load in station....all the while giving us clear instructions on how to save our asses if we fell in the water etc.

I was nervous when I caught sight of the river and the surging rapids. I was nervous when we sat in our rafts and got basic instructions from our super duper cool guide Gabe. I was nervous when we carried our raft down to the river. I was perfectly home the moment I jumped into the raft and started paddling.

17 miles, 20 or so rapids, 5 hours. Amazing experience. Most of the rapids were class 3...a couple were a low class 4. The best part of our time on the water was that our guide was always spicing things up for us. He made us do spins, go under rapids and also surf rapids. During a surf, we actually paddle upstream and pile in the front of the raft to create a wave. Hahaha. That was awesome...we had to try real hard to do it though. Gabe also let us go on a mini hike atop the Virgin waterfalls. He was cooool.

Oh did I mention, the rafting company also gave us food? We got to eat lunch by the river which was a blissful experience. I hate peanut butter and I still ate just tasted better outdoors. :P We also got steaming hot food after the rafting adventure. All in all, an amazing experience.


But of course there were pictures.

Here are the ones taken by the rafting company:

And here are the ones I took:

Thursday, June 08, 2006

This is just wrong

Ferrari and Maserati right next to each other....few feet away from me physically....but oh so far away *sigh* This is soo wrong....but soo beautiful that I couldn't stop staring....*drool*

Here's a picture taken from my brother's apartment on this random Sunday afternoon...

Monday, June 05, 2006

Life...or something like it...

So after 6 crazy years of college and grad school life...I'm now faced with that big question..."Pepsi or Coke"?


And also sometimes..."OK! Now what?"

The apt search is done. The moving out of dorm thing is done. I start work next month (this is right now the most frequently asked question in my life). Till then I'm planning to do a list of things....rafting, camping, hiking, kathak lessons, roller blading etc. And of course I will be checking out what the "summer" in the city has to offer.

hmm...June 5th....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! :) Love you...

What else? Go watch "An Inconvenient Truth"'s brilliant (and scary). "Da Vinci Code" was OK. Movie took longer to see than the book took to read....ha! ;)

Oh Music! .... Still hooked to Franz's new album. And Kasabian, DMB, Extreme...etc.

I must get back to regular blogging....

P.S: Pepsi is always the right answer