Monday, June 19, 2006

World Cup Ads

My 2 favorite World Cup ads at this point of time are embedded below. And let me just add here that I love the fact that for a LOT of video spots, ESPN has been using U2 tunes. So far I've heard COBL, Elevation, Vertigo, It's a beautiful Day. It's AWESOME. Catches the spirit completely.

Here's the Jose + 10 ad by Adidas. Love it.

And here's an amazing ad from FIFA women's world cup in 2003.


Rajesh Warrier said...

liked the 2nd one more. Could be 'cause have seen the Jose 10 umpteen times now ;)

Amrita said...

HEHE! Could be. I loved the second one as well. But I think Jose isadorable.

katowoman said...

Jose 10 reminds me of my childhood obsession with soccer...those were magical days for me.

BTW, girls kick ass!

Amrita said...

You're right Katowoman....Girls kick ass!

Did you ever follow up on your obsession for soccer?