Friday, June 16, 2006


Excerpt from Coldplay's "Square One"

"oh, you just want
somebody listening to what you say
it doesn't matter who you are
it doesn't matter who you are

is there anybody out there who
is lost and hurt and lonely too
they're bleeding all your colours into one
and have you come undone
as if you've been run through
some catapult had fired you
you wonder if your chance will ever come
or if you're stuck in square one "

It's deja vu all over again with respect to matters of the heart. So am I stuck in square one? Or will things get better? I'm a good person....I really am. So I believe they will.



ito okashi said...


You are a good person, Amri.

Amrita said...

(hugs back)
Thhhx Ito-Frito :) There is always Johnny Depp and Mr. Darcy to make us feel better otherwise ;)