Monday, June 05, 2006

Life...or something like it...

So after 6 crazy years of college and grad school life...I'm now faced with that big question..."Pepsi or Coke"?


And also sometimes..."OK! Now what?"

The apt search is done. The moving out of dorm thing is done. I start work next month (this is right now the most frequently asked question in my life). Till then I'm planning to do a list of things....rafting, camping, hiking, kathak lessons, roller blading etc. And of course I will be checking out what the "summer" in the city has to offer.

hmm...June 5th....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! :) Love you...

What else? Go watch "An Inconvenient Truth"'s brilliant (and scary). "Da Vinci Code" was OK. Movie took longer to see than the book took to read....ha! ;)

Oh Music! .... Still hooked to Franz's new album. And Kasabian, DMB, Extreme...etc.

I must get back to regular blogging....

P.S: Pepsi is always the right answer


coolshades said...

Dang, must have read Da Vinci Code pretty doggone fast. LOL

An Inconvenient Truth is out here in Vancouver on Friday...may go see it at some point with a group of Vancouverites...but that's not set in stone. haha

Rajesh Warrier said...

Pepsi?? Coke maan :)

Amrita said...

@cool...LOL! You know what I mean!! Let me know what you thought of "An Inconvenient Truth". way...Pepsi is the way to go!