Friday, November 09, 2012

Day 30: DONE!

I rounded off my 30 day workout challenge with a very tough kickboxing session with Geoff this morning. (Tough cos of lack of sleep this week). But Yay!

It feels really great to have reached this milestone...And I do feel fitness becoming a habit. I was ready to run for miles after not working out during the hurricane last week. It has become something my mind and body crave.

Stats - There were 3 days I didn't workout due to the hurricane. That set aside, there were 3 days that I attempted workouts but I wasn't necessarily happy with the quality/time spent. So overall, I think I managed to stay true to the challenge itself. But I'm sending 120$ to Hurricane Sandy relief as promised.

I was thinking about the challenges that I've come across... waking up early, working out with low sleep/energy, squeezing a workout into an already mad day...these problems I can handle. For me the hardest parts have been working out on Saturdays and working out when I'm under stress. I found a cure for Saturdays by engaging in a new type of activity every time. So as my weekly routine is mostly kickboxing and walking, I go for a dance class on Saturday ... or ride a bike .. or something else outdoors. The stress workout is a bigger problem which I'm still dealing with. If I'm under extreme stress, I usually don't think about working out. This is something I'll have to be innovative about - optimism is the answer I believe.

Thanks for following along and all the encouragement. I promise to continue this challenge onwards..

I leave you with this...

"One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder" --Unknown source


Day 29: almost there

Quickie: 1 hour of calisthenics! 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Day 28: BAM!

BAM! For Obama being re-elected :)
And BAM! For 1 hour of kickboxing with Geoff.

Home stretch... 2 more days.

Day 27: Waiting on elections

1 hour of calisthenics while watching the election coverage and pretending to work too :)

Monday, November 05, 2012

Day 26: I could have kissed the punching bag

70 minutes of kickboxing and Sandy story exchange with Geoff.

Holy crap - that was an acute withdrawal from kickboxing!! Sleeplessness and painful heel blisters be damned. I felt like I was drinking water after days.

This also makes me realize I need a kickboxing strategy for when I'm in India. The other thing I'm realizing is that this is the home stretch of the 30 day challenge :)

Day 25: Freezing walks

Gym routine starts tomm. I'm in Geoff withdrawal and kickboxing withdrawal.

Today's workout was a 5.5 mile walk in the freezing cold wind. Worth it. Found some new music and died happily :)

Day 24: Amble

Late post - Saturday - Nov 3rd

Gym is closed, park is closed and visitor is in town. Today's best effort was a 3 mile amble.

20$ towards the challenge monies. I think this collection is going to go towards Sandy relief.

Day 23: Run

Late post - Friday - Nov 2nd.

My gym is still closed thanks to the crane. Quick 3 mile run at the GS gym today.

Friday, November 02, 2012

Day 22: SoPo Walk

I really wanted to see how the area of SoPo was doing post hurricane. The blackout had turned it completely into zombie-land. Oh also - SoPo means South of Power :P

Speed walked 6.5 miles today. 4.3 miles from work to home. And then 2.2 miles from UES to home.

Feelin' good :)

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Day 21: back to normal

4 mile walk. Thanks to the Shah Menons for company.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 18,19,20 - Sandy happened

3 days of no workouts and I'm going slightly stir crazy...
There was plenty running around for BCP, office shutdowns, securing my house, saving Smitha's house and helping my friends who didnt have power. But either way... couldn't really think about workouts the last 3 days.

Setting aside 60$.. all thanks to Sandy.

Day 17: Dancing counts

Day 17 - Oct 27 - Saturday - late post

About 3-4 hours of dancing today thanks to Anuja's bacheloretter (and running around prepping for it!)

Counts :)

Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 16: itchin' on a photograph

Tripping on this song...:

60 minutes of kickboxing. No tripping here, thankfully.