Friday, November 09, 2012

Day 30: DONE!

I rounded off my 30 day workout challenge with a very tough kickboxing session with Geoff this morning. (Tough cos of lack of sleep this week). But Yay!

It feels really great to have reached this milestone...And I do feel fitness becoming a habit. I was ready to run for miles after not working out during the hurricane last week. It has become something my mind and body crave.

Stats - There were 3 days I didn't workout due to the hurricane. That set aside, there were 3 days that I attempted workouts but I wasn't necessarily happy with the quality/time spent. So overall, I think I managed to stay true to the challenge itself. But I'm sending 120$ to Hurricane Sandy relief as promised.

I was thinking about the challenges that I've come across... waking up early, working out with low sleep/energy, squeezing a workout into an already mad day...these problems I can handle. For me the hardest parts have been working out on Saturdays and working out when I'm under stress. I found a cure for Saturdays by engaging in a new type of activity every time. So as my weekly routine is mostly kickboxing and walking, I go for a dance class on Saturday ... or ride a bike .. or something else outdoors. The stress workout is a bigger problem which I'm still dealing with. If I'm under extreme stress, I usually don't think about working out. This is something I'll have to be innovative about - optimism is the answer I believe.

Thanks for following along and all the encouragement. I promise to continue this challenge onwards..

I leave you with this...

"One of the hardest parts of life is deciding whether to walk away or try harder" --Unknown source


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Neha said...

So proud of you Amulicious!