Thursday, June 29, 2006

writer's block

...or something like it. There's a lot of things that I want to write about....but just cant bring myself to. It's one of those phases in life when I want to do a lot but am just feeling too "blaaaah" to do any of it. hehe.

So I might as well talk about some things that dont really matter to the rest of the world to an earth shattering extent.

Movies that I am DYING to see:

- Nachoooo Libre
- Krrish
- The Devil Wears Prada
- Wordplay
- Superman Returns
- The Pirates of the Caribbean -2
- Lady in the Water

Awesome experience of this week:

Broadway Under The Stars. When Broadway literally moved to Central Park's Great Lawn. What a show!! Thousands of people gathered together under the cloudy and threatening New York skies. In front of us was the stage. Backdrop: A few thousand new yorkers, a big clump of trees and the impressive NYC skyline. As the sunset and the performances started...we sat back....let the cool wind wash over us and watched the city lights come on. It was a surreal feeling. Niceness! :-)

And in other news...

Looking forward to moving into my own apartment desperately. Hmm...not much else to say right's 4 am in the morning and I have overdosed on sleep...hence cant sleep tonight. Maybe i'll stay awake till Bono's interview on ABC this morning. Or was it NbC? eh...

Keep reading my people... I promise to get the creative juices flowing again soon.

Ciao ciao ciao


Rajesh Warrier said...

Krrish :O ??

Read a lot about it lately, and didnt feel like watching it after coming to know the details ... ;-)

Fanaa would be better.

Amrita said...

Fanaa was absolute crappppp! (sorry)

Looking forward to Krrish.

Superman Returns was nonsense too...very disappointing...

Nacho Libre on the other hand....HILARIOUS!

Rajesh Warrier said...

@ Amrita - hmm thanks for the heads up. Was thinking of watching Fanaa this WE. ;)

Maybe Nachi Libre then