Wednesday, June 21, 2006

World Refugee Day

Take a look: Today's Pictures at Slate.

(Pic copyright Magnum Photos)


Rajesh Warrier said...

Nice click. In fact even the other ones out there. Sad though :(

Amrita said...

Yeah...sad....but the pics were fantastic.

katowoman said...

Amrita, these images are so powerful and beautiful. Photography is my passion, and I'm really amazed by the individuals that are out there doing this type of work. The images say so much about the human spirit and survival. I look at them and see me, us...we're all so connected in our emotions. I especially like the ones with the children playing and smiling in the midst of their despair. When will the human factor be the consideration with decisions about war?

Needless to say I've bookmarked the site. Thank you, and thanks for the reminder of the day.