Monday, November 14, 2005

This and That

So lots of things to report from this weekend...

First of all (no ordering here....:P)...4 days to go for Harry Potter GOF!!!!!!

Then.....4 days till Ali and Niv get here!!!!!! Lois gets here in 5 days...and XK in 6 days!! ....AND....U2 in 7 days....WOW!! :)

Ok, on to other things...Had dinner with Bhai tonight. We discussed this and that...but most interestingly we talked about the kind of guys i would be interested in., intelligent, must like (preferably love) music, also dancing, adventure, travelling, hiking....must love me...etc... Not too much to ask is it? ;)

Microsoft College Puzzle Challenge was on Saturday...we had 12 hours to solve 21 puzzles and one Meta puzzle. My team got 7 right...and we were a heartbeat away from solving 4 more. The puzzles were really hard!!! But we had a ball doing nemesis was "Elementary, my dear Watson". Here you had to solve a Griddler (black and red) to get a shape...which oddly enough looked like a Chemistry Periodic table. ha! So you take the red elements in order to get: LiONeSiPCaGaYInTeDyErW!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ?? So after a LOT of brain racking...finally solved it: ...."Negate Y In Silica Powdyer" the result is "Silica Powder"...Ha! :P :) There were other interesting ones....but i dont have the energy to detail them here....

Hmmm.....sad news also...but I dont want to discuss it here...Sending healing vibes to my friend though.



Elliot said...

I had great fun at the Puzzle Challenge, too. We solved 5 puzzles. Which team were you on?

Amrita said...

Hey! I was on the "MS DOORS" team from Columbia. What about you? Which puzzle did you like best? Weren't they really convoluted?