Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Zoo November!!

So about a month left till the party of all parties descends on NYC. Alicia is visiting!!!!!, Nivi is coming back for a week (yay), Lois, XK, His Flyness will be here as well....not to mention Noreen, Fran, Steph who'll be around...

Hotel booking is in progress....and so are other plans....

So, these are the things that I hope Alicia will enjoy when she visits: - (most of my favorite nyc things ....i'm sure there'll be more added here....)
1. UF2 - 18th - saloon, NYC
2. UF2 - 19th - mulcahy's, LI-NY
3. Cafe Wha? / CB GB's
4. Broadway play
5. Central Park (lennon memorial)
6. Statue of Liberty
7. Times Square
8. Kati Rolls...yummm!!!
9. Nutella Crepes at Central Park
10. The Met
11. Dosas at Curry Hill
12. Lots of cheap!

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