Saturday, October 15, 2005

How Amri flew to the moon and back...

Dreams do come true, Prayers do get answered….or maybe it’s just that I was recently appointed Acting Director of all things Edgesteban for Mr.FlyNation…..but after 8 years of adoring U2 and praying for a chance to meet The Edge….it finally happened. Yes, I met Mr.The Edge yesterday in the pouring rain at MSG before the show. (14th Oct). And you’ll be proud to know that I behaved like a disgraceful jerk and I’m positive I made a blubbering fool out of myself. But the end result is that I now have my Mrs.TheEdge shirt signed by Mr.TheEdge himself!! This is how it all went down…..

A small group of us were waiting at the meet and greet area since 3 pm in the pouring rain and we were sure that the boys wouldn’t be stepping out to meet us. But we hoped that they might take pity on our sad states and spare a couple of minutes at least.

4:15 pm: Larry drove by and without sparing us a glance; he sent a Peace sign our way.
4:30 pm: A black limo pulls up with tinted windows but noone comes out from MSG to open the barricades and let the car in. The guy from the passenger seat comes out (Irish, with salty gray hair) and asks us to move aside. The car goes in but noone could figure out who was inside. I presumed it was Adam or Paul McGuiness. Then we notice the car stopped at the loading dock entrance and it slowly reverses back to where we were standing. By this time I’m totally excited because I think that we’re going to be meeting one of the boys and most probably Adam. Mr.SaltyGrayHair steps out and goes to the boot to take out a giant umbrella. At the same time someone jumps out of the back and with hands deep inside his jeans pockets, he gives us a big grin. IT’S THE EDGE!!! He looked straight at me and we stare at each other for a good 5 seconds. My brain went blank and hand-eye-limb-brain coordination went to the dogs. The Edge shrugged his shoulders probably thinking that “OK! This girl is weird!” He turned and went to meet the fans at the start of the line (I was in the middle).

Edge at start of line:

Something inside my brain clicked and I scrambled to take out my Mrs.TheEdge tshirt from my bag dropping my umbrella and 50 other things in the process. Next came a mad rush to find a sharpie. I had obviously not thought of what to say to The Edge cos I didn’t believe in a million years that I would actually get to meet him. He came up to me and I shook his hand and asked him if I could take a picture of him. He said: “Picture? Snap away!” I obviously didn’t make it clear that I wanted a pic of me with him. *slaps forehead* He started signing autographs next to me. Then I remembered that I needed an autograph too so I hung my tshirt on the barricade and requested him to sign it. He looked at it and signed it nice and big with a red sharpie. I don’t know what he though of the image….he didn’t show any reaction. I hope he read it.

Edge after he signed my shirt:

Edge going down the line: Before Edge left to get into his car, I yelled out “Edge you’re the best!!” He waved back at us and got in and left.

Edge leaving (bye!!): Giddiness set in. I could NOT believe that I’d finally met The Edge….I’m never washing my hand again (lol) and The Tshirt is going to be framed! I called a bunch of people to share the news. Sharon, Noreen, Irene and Erika got fierce hugs from me….I was dancing and jumping with joy right there in the middle of 33rd street. Then we were off to Charley O’s to get in from the rain, celebrate and meet other zootops. Margaritas followed and I was very drunk and high on love and life in general.

THE TSHIRT!!: COBL: The show was great. Bono called us New Yorkers “Noisy Fuckers” lol. The Edge rocked Electric Co as always…that’s really his song. We got GLORIA!!! That’s one song which drives me over the edge whenever I hear it live. We also got Party Girl in the last encore in place of Walk On. YAY!!! :D :D Kept thinking of my fellow Party Girl fans…Nivi and Jeff!! Unfortunately no Boom Chas last night either :( Zootopians I met: PD, Servo, 2blue, Mr.Fly, Zoobdube, Fragrant, Lovey, JackieD, LoveandPete, CynthiaColleti, Kite, HuggoMartini, U2 babydoll

I still can’t believe I met Mr.TheEdge though the t-shirt is hanging right in front of my eyes. Next goal: to get a picture with him…and maybe a hug. Hopefully next time I won’t be a blubbering idiot and actually say something intelligible.

More pictures from yesterday:

~Amri ta


Ambrish said...

Remember not to wash that hand with dial soap before we meet next. :) You're positively nuts, chinka! But we love you for that.


GJ said...

:-) thats all I would say!