Friday, October 28, 2005

Am I standing still?

FRIDAY!!! This week's been eventful...culminating in some well-deserved (in my honest opinion) and long awaited news...

I had myself a small celebration last night and there was tequila involved!!! Went to a Halloween Party (without a costume!! :( ) Had copious (not thaaaat copious) amounts of alcohol and was scared that I wont wake up in time for a 9 am meeting. But I did make it...and how! :) No hangover yet....but very sleeepy.

Exciting stuff tonight...Zakhir Hussain in concert!!!! :-) It'll be great to see him perform again...Saw him perform with Shakti and Tabla Beat Science. TBS just blew my mind....I was only wishing that Talvin Singh had performed as well that night. THAT would have made my night...BIG admirer of Talvin me.

Continuing with my fascination of Franz Ferdinand...saw their music videos and I LOVE the feel of all of them...also heard a single from the new album.."Do You Want to" was great! I really liked the video for "Take Me Out"..heh!

But the album on repeat mode is "Blend" by ASATW. So....

Song of the day winner is: "Another Game" by A Sheep at The Wheel.

~Ammu :)

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