Saturday, October 29, 2005

Gulab Jamuns aur Patakhe

I'm determined not to let the spirit of Diwali die despite the grave events of this morning...

Diwali is almost here....the best time to be in India in my opinion. Lights, food and festivities everywhere....people visiting each other and exchanging gifts and sweets...its awesome! And not to forget the gazillions of fireworks....Used to enjoy that a LOT as kids. The sheer delight when an "Anaar" came to life....fountain of sparks...beautiful :D

Gulab jamuns are my mom's favorite sweet I They're delciious when served hot...and my dad likes to eat them with icecream...yeah...weird!! hehehe.

I can make them really well too....(read:

So this Diwali I think I'm going to make gulab jamuns. Though I still need to go and buy the mix to make them. To do for tomorrow.

Review from last night's concert is still in the follow soon.

Happy Diwali! :)

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