Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lots to say....

Happy thoughts:
-Radhika Murthy of "ultrasonic giggle" her H-1 visa!! You have no idea how much trouble this saves my ears! Congratulations Rads! :)
-Christian Kelty is the shiznit! love the guy.....hey XK..."Remember the the U2 concert....?" Hugs to you :x
-Met Shipra after a long long time. It felt like yesterday since I'd talked to her.....good times....discussed our love lives in fun! :)
-Only 18 days to winter break.

Not-so-happy thoughts:
-Nose bleeding this Saturday..very scary experience.
-Another 18 days to winter break

On to other things....DVD review for "The Song remains the Same". Fan-fucking-tastic. It shows a Led Zeppelin concert in New York along with little skits performed by the band themselves. Jimmy Page is a sight to behold and his eccentricity and creativity ....just wow! The part where he plays the guitar with a violin stick is jaw-dropping. Bonzooooo!! The Moby Dick version i heard on this DVD is the craziest so far...pure genius. John was his usual smiling happy self...really good at the keyboards imho. But buddy...what's with the crazy baubles on your shirt? Now coming to Robert Plant...Wear better pants....or buy some underwear man!! Oh Gawd! You're so good at the rock....but no need to show off your jewels in such a manner...That was a huge sore point for me about this DVD. But other than that...KICK-ASS!!!

And this just in..Sharon got on stage at tonight's U2 show in Boston...yay for her.....but soo jealous!! :P

Its Monday!! :-S


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