Sunday, December 11, 2005

just to remove the sting...

...of the previous post. hello there! :)

Listening to Cafe Del Mar right truckloads of work of course....must get back to it....less than 12 days to go baby!!! :)

oh btw...gave in to temptation and bought some songs on's not per my 'save all money for iPod' campaign...ha! But its ok...I also need music to put on my future iPod....right? right? right? :P :)

Some of the iPod slogans are *AWESOME*.
"I think, therefore I Pod"
"I Pood"
"Apple of my I"
"iCame, iSaw, iPod"
"iPod, uPod, wePod"
"iPod therefore iAm"

Song of the day: 'Gasolina' by Daddy Yankee



ito okashi said...

Gasolina!!!LOL you go gurl!

Amrita said...

LOVE that song... :D