Monday, May 22, 2006

Graduation Round-up

Yes, I got my degree!! The pictures are here. The stories are below.

SEAS Class Day - 16th May 2006

The day dawned rainy and gloomy. It was like a cosmic joke. I had butterflies in my stomach and a frown on my face. The ceremony was supposed to be in the afternoon so we held out hope that the skies would clear up eventually. (Did I mention that the parental units made it to the city finally!!! :-) yeah...). Friends stepped in to bring some much needed cheer....and by the time I reached my dorm room to get dressed, I was back to my enthu self. Got ready, took pictures with my buddies Han and Pranay and headed over to the South Field Lawns at Columbia.

Thankfully, during the whole assemnly and procession, the skies were clear!! My dear friends were tuned in to the live broadcast of the ceremony and kept sending me messages over the phone about it. They were sooo adorable!!! :-) Then, just before I got up to go on stage, the skies opened and it started raining....yeah ....i know.....cosmic joke part 2. I apparently ran across stage cos my audience barely registered my presence there. Heh!! Anyway, what do you stopped raining the moment I reached my seat again. If it wasnt for my audience's congratulatory messages and hugs, I would have killed someone. :-) But all in all...It was a very fun ceremony. Caught up with all my CS buddies (...except Han 1....ass went to China).

There was a celebration later at night with a handful of my buddies which led into a late night animal imitation session....dont ask! But....all in all....good times!!! :-)

Columbia University's 252nd Commencement Ceremony

It was a beautiful day! Sunny and warm....hoards of families and students. The SEAS students were handed Rappers to clap with...which was hilarious and so cute!! Zvi Galil, our dean...was worshipped by chants of "Zvi, Zvi, Zvi"....he was ultra coool. Beautiful ceremony and they actually played "Beautiful Day" by U2 immediately after it. :-) I was engulfed by a sense of pride and thankfulness while being conferred the Ivy-League degree. Amazing journey.


The things that make working yourself insane worth it...
- a shiny new iPod Nano gifted by the CS dept at CU.
- some bling from the parental units
- $$$$ from the parental units
- $$$ from my sweet zootopes
- a mystery gift from my best friends....which will be unvealed later today.
- a future gift from my brother....he just doesnt know it yet....ha!


So now the question is....2 months of free time...what all can I fit in? :-) ;-) There will be road trips...oh yes there will....

Master Amri


Rohan said...

just come to Singapore.

Just do it. Do it. Do it.

coolshades said...

The CS dept gave you an iPod?? Wow...that's cool...

I think it rained while you were onstage because Heaven was crying tears of joy over your graduation... :)

Amrita said...

Rohan....I wish I could man....stupid fucking visa issues! But...we'll meet soon....and there will be much rejoicing ;)

Cooolio...I knoww...that's the first time i've won something in my life. Cool right? And oh...I like your theory on the rain! ;)

Rajesh Warrier said...

Whoa !! Did you change the 'side your tassel was hanging from' or not ? And the Loot looks like a LOOT indeed ;-) Enjoy !!

Amrita said...

Rajesh....Yes I did! :)
And...did you think of TOOL as well when you typed LOOT?? OR was it just me...? ;)

Rajesh Warrier said...

@ Amrita - Yup. I thought I'd escape with that but writing in CAPS did it, I guess.

On that note - heard their new album?? Damn I missed their concert here in Boston :(

ito okashi said...

Parental Unit!! thats great! i've never heard that but now im actually gonna use it.haha
Amri...the pictures are awesome! There wuz SO many people my gosh...and i couldnt even tell it wuz rainy out from the pics until you took one of the
and theres hawt guys a plenty o'er there...who's Howie?;)lol

Amrita said...

@Rajesh...havent heard it yet...but it's on my list! :)

@Ito...hehee. My friends here find the term "parental unit" very more reason for me to love ya. I'll let Howie know that you think that he's hawt! lol!

ito okashi said...

ha! you do that;)