Monday, November 27, 2006

Paint me RED

Paint me Red

Paint me RED ... because All things being equal, They are not
Paint me RED ... because I have the power to make history
Paint me RED ... so I can help a human being get anti-retrovial drugs
Paint me (RED) ... so I can embrace this world

My friends get RED christmas presents...whether they like it or not :P



Rajesh Warrier said...

Looks like you're friends are in for a "Red Christmas" instead of "white".

My guess - its Inspi(RED) ;)

Amrita said...

Rajesh - yeah true true :-) It shall be a (RED) xmas. And DING!! Correct answer my friend...

I really wanted to buy the Desi(red), bo(red) and hamme(red) ones as well...then a little thing called money interfered! :P

lova said...

Very nice ! I wish they had RED wine for me to get hamme(red) in style :).
Do you know if there is a "Wir(red)" shirt ?
OT: I cannot tell you how happy I was that you fed my music rambling frenzy :).

Amrita said...

Lova - LOL!! If only...(RED) wine would be priceless...and is probably round the corner. There is actually a WI(RED) tshirt..and also a TI(RED) one. ;-)

Music rambling ... me...anytime! It's my favorite passtime...besides listening to music of course ;)