Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I know I know...a whole month between posts....not good/fair!! I cant believe it myself. It's been a whirlwhind month too. London-Bath-Stonehenge-Windsor. Then 2 weeks of quality time with friends who were visiting (day trips to Philly and Brooklyn). Topped with a few weeks of something crazy good. And a very interesting trip to Chicago last weekend. Life's been hectic man! I get a 3 day break before heading off to a camping adventure in Cali. Just thought I'd write in before that. Also to ensure my loyal readers that I am alive :-)
Here are some pics from London meanwhile....

The Great Court of the British Museum

amrita 090

Big Ben at night from the London Eye

Big Ben shines in the night

Me in the streets of London :)

amrita 076

St.Paul's looms over London city

amrita2 050

Keep smiling. Take care. Baila!


Rajesh said...

Kewl pics esp the last one. I thought you migrated to UK [:P]

Mosilager said...

Wow the Big Ben pic is amazing. Did you take that? Must have been hard to get that.

Amrita said...

Rajesh - thanks. And haha - I wish :)

Mosi - thanks thanks. I did take that...was a little challending for sure. :)