Friday, December 08, 2006

Gotta love Today's Horoscope

I love the amNewYork newspaper. Why?
- Perfect for the subway ride to work.
- Good summary of everything I need to know to start the day
- It's Free
- Good horoscopes!

The newspaper is my daily staple now. Now I generally dont believe in horoscopes...but it's hard to not want to believe in something which reads as: -

"Leo (July 23 - Aug 22): A wonderful feeling gets more wonderful when it's shared. Falling in love now is easy, and practically required."

Will do!! ;-)

Cheers cheers! And a happy Friday!


sam said...

aah u r a leo!

Mosilager said...

well, there you go... you have a mission during xmas season, Mrs. The Edge.

lova said...

:D hilarious !
That is certainly much better than mine in amNY today:
"A partnership can be formed but get everything in writing"
:) Huh, so I guess: "please sign here---X to confirm that you agreed to be my date ?" is my next logical move, hey ? :)

Rajesh Warrier said...

IFF it said where to look for and how ;)

Amrita said...

Sam - yeah...that's right! Leos are the bestest ;) Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Mos - Ssshhhhh!

Lova - LOL!! I dont think you'd need a written agreement.

Rajesh - I knowwww right? These horoscopes are so cryptic :P