Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ammu is Des-bound

Dilli Diaries - Day Zero

It's time to go home...

It's time for a little romance with the wind over the Aravalis,
The same questions ("Do you cook there?"; "Do you have friends? Are they Indians?") ,

The same once-overs ("You've become so dark/fair"; "You've lost/gained so much weight") ,
Feeling the familiar rush of patriotism as I cruise down Rajpath and Shantipath,
Ducking behind my mother as she expertly plays the bargain game in Janpath,
Wrapping myself in a shawl on a foggy winter morning, sipping coffee and chatting with dad,
Eating peanuts on the terrace on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the winter,
All this; while my stomach transforms into a bottomless pit as I gorge on Idlis - Bathure Chole - Sambaar - Koottu - Kachoris - Gaajar ka halwa - Tharatipaal - Filter coffee - Nirula's Hot Chocolate Fuge - Adai - ... ,

And just like that; for a few beatific days; my soul is at peace.


As Ozzy would say - "Mama I'm coming home!"



Rajesh Warrier said...

Cool!! Enjoy the trip n keep bloggin.

Couple of things to add "Driving on Indian roads"; "Travelling" and "US jaake kaafi polite ho gayi hai ... yeh Thanku, Welcome .. kii hai?" :P

Mosilager said...

lucky you... hopefully we hear from you as your trip progresses. Any chance to visit IIT ? my old school was just opposite IIT gate

Amrita said...

Sorry for the delay in replies guys. I was blissfully disconnected. Blog entries coming up soon :-)

Rajesh - hahaha. True. The roads were scary.

Mos - I drove past IIT a dozen times. Which school was urs?