Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wassup wassup? Movies!

You know the feeling when you keep piling up things to do and nothing gets done? That's the way I've been feeling about blogging over the last month or so. I have so many stories to recite from my trip to India and life in general....that I keep thinking that I'll sit down one day and just post them. But it just hasnt happened. So what the fuck...I'm just going to blog anyway cos I'm missing it. I'll slip in all my stories now and then. Cheers!

I saw Blood Diamond today. What a movie?! Action packed - Moving - Well shot - Beautiful people - Excellent acting. It covers the story of lives destroyed during the war over conflict diamonds in Africa. I wont reveal the story here of worries. I did learn a new acronym though - TIA (This is Africa) - very negative feeling. (I'm trying to keep away from ranting about that issue)
Anyway, back to the movie...I've had a crush on Leo DiCaprio since...well...Titanic. Now, now, stop shaking your heads. I was in high school and completely entitled to fall in love with him then ;-) So the crush continued over the years and Leo has vindicated me. You can see his amazing acting in movies like Catch me if you can, The Aviator, The Departed and now Blood Diamon. I reckon he'll win an Oscar this year! :-D The other beautiful people in the movie were Jennifer Connelly and Djimon Hounsou. So quite an excellent movie to watch on a Tuesday night ;-) heh.

Other movies that I caught up on - all Indian of course as I'm still on a 'des' induced appetite.
- Guru - Abhishek Bacchan and Mani Ratnam - great piece of work!
- Salaam e Ishq - Too long but funny and Govinda was hot!
- Nayagan - as part of a Mani Ratnam movie bonanza
- Roja (for the 20th time) - ditto.

So yeah. Movies, friends and work - that's what I've been upto since I came back. The weeks are melting away and it's already time to say goodbye to January 2007. Jeeez!

I did break the jinx and finally visited a New York museum! :-) I went to the Museum of Natural History and also saw an IMAX movie there. This one was called 'Roving Mars'. My favorite though will always be 'Grand Canyon - The Hidden Secrets'. That one's just amazing.

Think I've rambled enough for now. I'll be back again...with stories and pictures this time.
Cheers...and happy hump day.


lova said...

Titanic ? ts, ts, ts :D
I agree though, Leo is on a serious roll lately.
can't wait for your pictures and stories from home....

Mosilager said...

Hump day? is that what I think it is?

yeah ditto as lova, i want to see the delhi snaps and stories too...

Courtney said...

i just watched Pan's Labyrinth on the was goooood. REally goooooood.

Amrita said...

Lova - :P Leo rawks! :) Yes yes...if work allows me and stories will happen.

Mos - What did you think it was? ;-)

Courtney - I'll have to check it out!