Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Simple pleasures

Lives can be enriched so easily by indulging in the simplest of pleasures....
Here are some of mine, in no particular order....
What are yours?

1. Walking barefeet in grass
2. Walking barefeet on the beach
3. Sitting on my couch, sipping coffee and staring out at the sunset
4. Cosying up next to Tiglu and reading a good fiction novel
5. Dark chocolate
6. Listening to my iPod while going for a walk.
7. Taking a long, hot shower
8. Staring out at the passing scenes from a car
9. The wind in my face
10. Sunsets
11. Sunrise
12. Dancing
13. Old people. I love it when I make them smile.
14. Getting a call/email/IM from a long lost friend
15. Watching a funny movie
16. Watching a romantic movie
17. Friends
18. Getting wet in the rain when i have nowhere important to go
19. the smell of the earth when it starts raining
20. A clean house
21. Laundered clothes
22. Staring at the stars
23. Hiking
24. Driving in Arizona
25. Listening to loud music
26. Listening to soft music
27. Taking photographs
28. Viewing photographs
29. Reading blogs
30. Writing blogs
31. Cooking (sometimes)
32. Water
33. Fitting into clothes that were too tight
34. Birds chirping in the morning
35. the smell of 'agarbatti' in the evening
36. Hugs
37. giggling
38. Snuggled inside the house, sipping tea and watching the rain fall
39. Singing
40. Travelling - but that's not a simple pleasure anymore - usually expensive :)
41. The colors of the sky, the clouds in the sky
42. Convulsive laughter


Kalindi said...

Water.... man.. i love it.. in all its forms... really happy list yaar... im grinning ear to ear!!! :D

u put it there..( im old and u made me smile!!!! :D)

lova said...

1) the smell of coffee in the morning
2) the smell of sleeping doggies in the morning
3) watching people convulsively laughing
4)reading Amrita's musings at work
5) making lists ;)

Amrita said...

K - Glad the list made you happy :) Old-shmold...hah!

lova - sleeeping doggies! The visual is so adorable :) I'm glad my musings are a happy diversion at work ;)

thanks guys!

Rajesh said...

From above -

1. Reading/Writing Blogs
2. Traveling
3. Hiking

Own -

1. Using Apple products
2. Watching Simpson/South Park
3. Calling up friends/folks back home


Mosilager said...

I think you guys have covered it all... what an extensive list, Amrita... ok now I forgot - did you have walking in the rain as one of them? and ditto to Lova, only I read them after work.

Amrita said...

Rajesh - cheers! WePod.

Mosi - yeah i did mention getting wet in the rain... :) Thx!