Sunday, July 29, 2007

Music for the soul

Ack! I woke up today feeling totally crap. A bad headache fuelled by non-stop work since Monday. Yes - I've been working since Monday without a break. Fun fun! And then, I resorted to the cure-all -- music. I've been listening to U2 for the last few hours and the headache's gone...and so's my frustration. It's cloudy outside, all the lights in my house are switched off, feels like it's almost dusk, I'm sitting on my couch and working while sipping coffee....and I'm suddenly smiling again.... :)

- Achtung Baby by U2
- All that you can't leave behind by U2
- Boy by U2
- How to dismantle an atomic bomb by U2
- The Joshua Tree by U2
- October by U2
- Pop by U2
- Under a Blood Red Sky by U2
- War by U2



lova said...

U2 is truly a miracle drug isn't it ? here is to you feeling better..

Krish said...

couldn't have survived without U2 during some very trying times...they rock!

Amrita said...

Lova - thanks :)

Krish - they do they owe me for getting you addicted some more... ;)

Krish Ashok said...

U2 was my first trip down alternative lane. But you should try the Decemberists too. Wonderfully fresh. Also, Death Cab for cutie.

lova said...

OT: I will be in NY next week. So if you have time for coffee, we could swap GB/TG stories or argue over which decade produced the best music :).

Amrita said...

Krish (Ashok) - U2 is now called "alternative" huh? :) For me, it's still as traditional as rock music gets!! I have heard Death Cab quite a bit...Will check out Decemberists as well. Thx!

Lova - Excellent newS!! Just emailed you....(What does OT stand for?)

lova said...

OT is for Off Topic. See you in a bit :)