Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3rd news

- Arkansas couple welcomes 17th child. Is it just me? Or is this ridiculous!!
- It's a long weekend for me... :) Cos hey shawty....ish my budday....on Monday!
- There was a gorgeous clap of thunder outside right now..
- I think some guys have stopped going dutch in restaurants now...they expect the woman to pay... hmm...worrisome
- What should I do with myself on my budday? Spa visit?
- I'm writing performance reviews for work ...and it's booo-ring!
- I just realized that the last few months can be categorized as quarter life crisis
- Strange sub found in NY
- My buddy just got a second ear piercing....i'm really kicked about getting a second one awesome excuse to buy more earrings. (I loove earrings!)
- I love my friends...truly...
- I can't believe i'm in the latter half of the 20's in 3 day! :S
- I need more shoes! And music!

Was listening to:-
~ 'Pehchaan' by Penn Masala
~ 'La Valse d'Amelie' by Yann Tiersen
~ 'Throw it on me' by Timbaland
~ 'Billie Jean' by Caetano Veloso



Testing Adsense said...

Thank God people are turning 25. I was feeling lonely up (down?!) here!

lova said...

Any birthday wishes I can bring from Lafayette that you cannot find in NY ? :p

Amrita said...

testing adsense - you're definitely not alone up there :)

Lova - could bring some wishes from the GB :)

coolshades said...

I don't think it's ridiculous to have 17 kids as long as you can afford to take care of them and raise them to be decent citizens. Better for one decent family to have 17 kids than for a couple of jerks to have even one.

But that's just me... :)