Tuesday, August 21, 2007

subway cheer

Seen/Heard in subway stations in New York city yesterday....a Monday! The day when the mood levels of New York City are at a precariously impatient high.

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Subway conductor announcement on the 4 train heading downtown....
"The next stop is City Hall. The time is 10:45 a.m. Have a lovely day. And
remember, no matter what the destination, happiness is the way!"

The whole car erupted into giggles and wide grins :o)

~ * ~

At the 57th St NRQW station -

On the station super's whiteboard, there was pleasant image of birds over mountains and rivers. And scribbled in the center was - "Smile! Have a great day! :o) "

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It was a rainy Monday. There is this pair of African-American old men, who frequent the 1-2-3 subway line. Every time it's raining in the city, they go from car to car and sing a lovely little acoustic bee-bop number. Their act is complete with finger clicking, heel tapping, Ray Charles-y fanfare. Love them!! So needless to say, they made an appearance yesterday....couldn't have been better timing.
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Rajesh said...

The train Drivers/Conductors seem to do a good job of cheering up commuters early morning with their "Catchy Phrases" ..

up here in Boston there are couple of chaps who keep up the work - a new phrase almost every day :)

Then there's a lady who hands over Newspapers at the station who passes a smile at every commuter and says "Good Morning ppl" - makes you reply G'morning even if you're sleepwalking ;-)

Good way to start the day eh ?

lova said...

I was sitting shotgun in a cab when the cab driver asked where I was from. After I replied, he just suddenly said: You home is "heaven on earth !" I know he had an a agenda but still, it was nice to hear. What's going on with NYC getting soft ? :)

Mosilager said...

I love the traffic lights in delhi - the red light says 'relax.'

Amrita said...

Rajesh - I love your newspaper lady! We have one like her att Wall St....but New York being New York...noone replies to her :(

Lova - haha! That was nice of the cabbie! A lot of them are actually quite genuine and sweet. Then there's the creepy lot and those out to swindle you for your $$$. NYC will never go soft till the lethal Wall Street type attitude sticks around.

Mosi - I love those too. I noticed them last time I went home...plesant surprise!! It's a really good idea. Won't work in NYC as people never look at traffic lights :P

Kalindi said...

I had this lady in a Deli in Stamford where we used to have breakfasts... one day she asked me where I was from and when I told her India... she used to call me "Beti" after that... funny how u find surprises in places u dont bother looking!!

Sigh.... i miss NY!!!

Amrita said...

Miss K - that lady sounds delightful!! I would be really touched if a store lady started calling me 'beti'....just like in India no? :)