Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The advent of the late twenties

It's the beginning of a new era in my life. The one in which I get to be responsible, mature...yada yada. I was clinging on to the faint line of early-twenties till now. 25 was a lovely age to be in mentally. As I was not a girl anymore....but not yet a woman either (Britney Spears be damned).

Here's what I was thinking on the last few birthdays... Hahaha! How come I was always dumbstruck by the reality of age?!

August 2006
20 something...I had myself a happy birthday on 6th August :-) Ushered in a brand new year flanked by friends and family. Never before have I felt so special, fortunate and blessed. The wishes from those near and far meant a lot. Many friends actually took the trouble to fly/drive in to NYC to celebrate ...that was just amazing. And celebrate we did.....night out at Crobar where we celebrated both mine and Krishna's birthdays....lazy brunches....dinners at home....chilling at central park...Gooood times!

Potha actually said..."You just completed the best 25 years of your life. It's all downhill from here" Maybe so, but I choose to think not! :-P

Friday, 6th August 2004
Happy Birthday to moi! I think I'm going to stick to the thought that I'm 21....cant relate to the fact that I'm 23 now! Oh an apparent wave of proud proclmations.....heres to meee! lol...hehehe
Song of the day: 'Stairway to heaven' by Led Zeppelin
Wednesday, 6th August'2003
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeee!! :) i'm 22 today....gosh i feel old! ;) Please see bday pics under the photos section.
Song of the day: 'In da club' by 50 cent

Actually, in all honesty, I'm fine with growing older. The word "Independence" is going to an all new level now. I get to begin a lot of projects that I didn't have the maturity and/or freedom to handle before. I'm taking the initiative to travel and follow my passions. I'm looking at life in a new light as well as I hope to find answers to two big questions by the end of this glorious year. The questions being - What do I see myself doing 5 years from now? And where? Technology has been my interest for a really long time...and I still couldn't give it up. But then there's the other side of me that starts flapping it's wings desperately whenever alter ego. The Amrita who would rather be a journalist or a social worker or a musician or a stage director. I've been trying to let her take over as much as time and energy would allow. But as internal pressure and restlessness rise, I need to find answers soon.

So what are the deltas in the last week as I crossed the big bridge between 25 and 26? ..... I get annoyed by 20 something scantily clad hipsters in clubs and bars now...shocking!! I want to only hang out at unpretentious joints and spend quality time with intellectuals. I'm also finding it really peaceful to spend a lot of alone time during the week. Self-sufficiency I think it's called.

Hmm...what else is different? Ah yes! The marriage scene. All of a sudden for my elders....I'm precariously close to my expiry date for marriage...cos I'm no longer 25. In the one day, that it took me to turn 26, I'm suddenly too old to be married. My parents are actually quite cool...but they sometimes give in to societal pressure. This is the point when I have to intervene and reiterate for the 200th time that I'm not married yet out of choice...and not some grave tragedy. Mentally, I'm ready to settle down but not settle know what I mean? I'd rather wait for a while and make sure I'm doing the right thing than repent later. I'm too rebellious to settle for anything I'm not worried!

Till then, there are oh so many things to be done in life. As one of my friends recently said "30 is the new 20". Cheers to that concept!! :-)



lova said...

Love the new template but more importantly, love little Ammu :)

Amrita said...

Thanks and thanks :-) I look quite deceptively innocent in that picture...

Rajesh said...

In da club to Led Zepp - lol that was a kewl transformation ;-)

The deceptively innocent pic reminds me of the Nirma ads ;)

Amrita said...

Rajesh - yeah it was quite a satisfying transition :)
Nirma ads? hehe...

Anonymous said...

"30 is the new 20" ?

Of course it is! Especially, if you grind away your twenties in grad school. Remember, most Hollywood hotties are in their thirties.


Amrita said...

Kurma - haha..that's a good point. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Chinka darling, i admit i never read ur blogs, coz your just a phone call away, blogs are for people who want to know you. Anyways,was glancing through ur Egypt pics and accidently clicked on ur blog. The pics are amazing, did u actually go there or just use photoshop? love, ash
PS: Don't expect more comments from me, I dont think I will come back to read more, that would be so non-Ash.

Shirupa Gupta said...

I don't know how I landed in here....but now that I have...saying hi felt important....enjoyed reading !....Thanks :)