Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Malagasy Encounter

I have no pictures to prove it happened. But it did.
I met my first blogger buddy today. The Malagasy Dwarf Hippo himself! :) It was really nice to connect to the person behind the great thoughts.

Venue: my favorite brunch place in the city: Eatery.

The transition between online and real life friendship can be quite daunting. The online communication doesnt easily translate to a real connection. I've been there a few times as I met many Zootopians (U2 fanclub) for a lot of the U2 concerts and events.

But, in this case, I felt completely at ease and had a great time. (I hope Lova did too!! :P) Lova was exactly as I had pictured him in my mind. We chatted away about the Gingster and BooBoo, Africa, U2, life, Dr. Mosi, UN, the world being flat etc. Good times!!

Coming up next: Meetup with the folks at Sepia Mutiny. And hopefully the rest of my blogroll... :)



Here's a tell-tale photo :)


Mosilager said...

hey i don't like the part where i got chatted about! regardless of what lova says i'm tall, dark, handsome, and a little dangerous.

have fun with the SM'ers! I have yet to meet a blogger in real life.

lova said...

Good times indeed :). My mum and I still cannot believe the odds that your best friend already had tea at her place in Addis ! It really is a small world hey ? My mom only had good things to say about her :).
We need to do something about the lack of pictures.

Amrita said...

Mosi - LOL! I'm sure you're as "dangerous" as Ginga. Come no over to NYC...before you fly away to Lusaka... :)

Lova - I knoww...such a freaky coincidence! Bourne Ultimatum for sure. And lets also get the UNFPA folks together for dinner before you all leave.. :)

Anali said...

Glad you had a great blogmeet! I just had one recently myself. Good times! ; )

Amrita said...

Anali - thanks for stopping by my wee blog :) Blogmeets fun turns out!

lova said...

I need to catch up on my flickr update so that we can share stills :)

Amrita said...

Lova - Yes, let's! Adding you to my Flickr buddies :)

Kalindi said...

dammmeeetttt... and i missed my blogmeet... m now in seattle... never mind.. NY is just a flight away!!! :D

Amrita said...

K!! - dare you fly to the other coast without meeting me? :-P hehe...hope to see you soon girl!