Sunday, October 15, 2006

Before I forget

(edited for the crappiest grammar ever...and yeah Rajesh....I need to move this to itsamusicaljourney)

One of my all time favorite songs is - "Black hole sun" by SoundGarden. This song was my introduction to rock-ish music back when I was a teenager glued to MTV. The video, the energy and the passion all are still fresh in my mind.

I recently heard a great acoustic version of the song by Chris Cornell. It was great to hear his heartfelt and bold attempt. Check it out on Launch.Yahoo.Com!

In the original...the opening verse...when the guitar riff comes just....spine chillingly good.

"Wont you come?"


Mosilager said...

I remember that song! although I used to mix it up all the time with Pearl Jam's Jeremy for some reason.

dharma69 said...

Hey! I was all Black Hole Sun first...see the YouTude video? I put that up today because I just found some live Audioslave and solo Cornell stuff online.

And if you haven't heard the new version of Black Hole Sun by Peter Framptom, Amri, it is AMAZING!

Cornell is such a talent...especially when he's sober. I'm looking forward to his next solo album, maybe some acoustic sets that he's famous for doing and more Audioslave albums.

The 90's definitely gave up some great music.

Amrita said...

@Mos - Maybe cos both the songs have really dark undertones.

@Dhar - Hey girl! ;-) It's awesome that we're both blogging about Black Hole Sun and Cornell at the same time :) I'll check out the Framaptom version fo sure.

Yeah, Cornell has a new confidence about him which I really dig.

Ahh the 90's ..and the 80's and the 70's ....good times for music I say.

(sorry guys for the terrrrible grammar in the original post)

Anonymous said...

The superb flow of music from the slow beats in the beginning, the speed it picks up, the lyrics and last but not the least - the Video. Amazing !!!!

They say that Chris wrote this song while he was in Seattle. He was fed up with the depressing wet weather in Seattle. "Black hole sun, won't you come, wash away the rain..."

Also heard something that they meant to talk about drugs and all. But then that can be made out of any Rock/Hard-rock song out there. Some are obvious, some are not.

Amrita said...

@Rajesh - That's an interesting piece of trivia. Didnt know that story. And yeah, you know what they say.."sex, drugs and rock n roll". Any rock song will automatically reference drugs....or so it seems!!

Mosilager said...

I just figured out that soundgarden's guitarist was mallu! kim thayil! woohoo!

Amrita said...

Mos - That's awesome!!! Woohooo....go mallus!