Friday, October 06, 2006

Blast from the Past

I digged deep down into my music folders to find an old dance music collection. It turned out to be the best way to time travel.....immediate flash back to school days!!

Wanna know what I was listening to? Here's a snippet....
  1. 'Alane' by Wes - the hottest party number when I was graduating high school
  2. 'We will rock you' - the quintessential rock song through teenage and beyond
  3. 'Didi' by Khaled - ok, so this is like junior school time. It swept all possible charts and was being played if you turned the corner.
  4. 'Sweet Dreams' by La Bouche - I hated this song...I still dont like it too much. But it was ALL over...annoyingly enough.
  5. 'Ice Ice Baby' by Vanila Ice - hahahaha...this song's the ringtune on my cell.... ha! :P
  6. 'Getting Jiggy with it' by Will Smith - Just a really good dance number...complete with the shuffling feet ;)
  7. 'Tic tic tac' by Chilli Feat - If there was one song that ruled the last year of was this.
  8. 'Cruel Summer' by Ace of Base - Good dance number, I love the keyboard here. circa 1998
  9. 'The boy is mine' by Monica - The best house party song ever!!! The tune is so smooth.
  10. 'If you're getting down' by Five - Ok, this is when I hide my head in shame. But it was hilarious to hear it again.... :)

All this good old music...combined with a friend's surprise visit from SFO....happy evening. It's the perfect ride into Friday.... YAY!

Welcome back Binny boy!

Cheers and a Happy Friday to all,


lova said...

nice stroll down memory lane:
esp. Didi, cruel summer and the boy is mine....well and ice ice baby of course :). I am guessing there is a "color me bad" single in the collection or a salt-and-peppa tune ....
I just went through my BoyzIImen stuff, very humbling experience :)

Mosilager said...

There's actually a hindi version of Didi floating around... think I have it on mp3. Never thought I'd hear hindi spoken with an arabic accent! How about Informer by Snow?

Anonymous said...

Its Tool time ;)

Amrita said...

Lova, absolutely....! Boys 2 men actually performed at the US Open finals was kinda nice to see them again :)

Mos, hehe...yeah Informer rules! Hindi version of Didi?? Just when I though i'd heard it all...

Rajesh, true true....but i'm in a loungy music mood these days. (Good to 'see' ya again...)