Friday, March 16, 2007

Tagged by the witch doctor

I've been tagged by Mosi.... :)

3 things that scare me -

-Insects & Reptiles
-Horror movies

3 people who make me laugh -

3 things I love
-Family & Friends

3 things I hate
-Dental problems

3 things I don't understand
-Hypocrisy - just dont get it!!
-Dental problems - dont get me started
-How Dubya got re-elected in 2004??

3 things on my desk


3 things i'm doing right now

-Listening to music
-Drinking water

3 things I want to do before I die
-Go to Egypt!!
-Hike the Inca trail
-Color my hair red

3 things I can do

3 things you should listen to
-'Steady as she goes' by The Raconteurs
-'Club Foot' by Kasabian
-'Break it off' by Rihanna & Sean 'the' Paul

3 things you should never listen to
Hmmm....I agree with what Mos said. Listen to everything but only retain what you need.

3 things i'd like to learn
-French (Already started....but it's going slow. Lova - I need help)

3 favourite foods
-Idlis with Chatni!! - yum yum yum.
-Anything paneer

3 beverages I drink regularly
-Vodka ;-) Just Messin....Orange Juice

3 childhood TV shows / books
-Tom & Jerry
-Tintin (book)
-Enid Blyton collection (book)

Cheers and love,


Twisted DNA said...

"Vodka ;-) Just Messin....Orange Juice"
Of course :) You only drink orange juice; vodka just happens to be in it :P

Came from Mosi's place. Just following this tag to see how people are doing it

Amrita said...

Twisted - hehehe....shhh! You caught me! You should do the tag next ;)

Mosilager said...

you are fast, girl! I agree, TD seems to have a twisted interest in this particular tag so he should definitely get tagged.

We have lots of stuff in common... loving water and hating hypocrisy

Rajesh said...

Did you mean 'scary' insects and reptiles or just any? ... ;)

Amrita said...

Mosi - Heh! :) Your tag is my command eh? TD should do it it do it do it!
Yeah we are great after lots of things in common ;) Cheers!

Rajesh - ÁNY insects/reptiles....hate em all.

ito okashi! said...

Vodka and orange juice? LOL! ;) Cool survey. I'm gonna do it!