Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Images changing India today

Women-only cab service in Mumbai

"It addresses real concerns of female commuters. More women are traveling alone as they break with traditional roles and enter the workplace or even just to go out for the evening. Although Mumbai is considered safer than most cities on the subcontinent, where sexual harassment is rife, Indian women and visiting tourists often complain about being leered at by male cab drivers."

This is an excellent idea. We definitely need this in all metropolitans in India. I remember feeling really helpless in Delhi this year when I couldn't travel anywhere after sunset. Kudos to Roy. I hope Forsche works and takes off well.

As for the cliche about women drivers, Roy says: "It's mainly men who are involved in road arguments and accidents. Women are safe drivers and my women will rock."

Hear! Hear! Below image courtesy BBC.


Indian Air Force celebrates Platinum jubilee

Really impressive display. Read the article to get the full story.

Below image courtesy BBC.


Mosilager said...

nice didn't know you were an AF lover. i can't wait to see the lca in IAF colours.

lova said...

I guess this would be the perfect place for a "Happy international women's day !" :)

Amrita said...

Mosi - Yeah, it comes from my dad. He loves the AF...and anything else that makes his chest swell with pride about being an India :-) So like father - like daughter ;)

Love - That's right! Thank you very much :) Good timing ...