Monday, March 05, 2007

A relax(zz)ing Sunday

What is the probability that on 2 separate weekends, my continental airlines flight to Chicago gets cancelled because of storms? The first was in November and then now this weekend in March. It's a cruel joke really.

So considering that I found myself totally free this weekend (except for a few social commitments on Saturday), I decided to do something that I hadnt done in a loooong long time - Spend Sunday lazing about the house. It is seriously the best form of bliss there is.

I woke up and had chai with my neighbor who is also a really good friend. We pontificated about life in general while listening to some amazing music. The soundtrack was Motorcycle Diaries and we drifted off to a world of adventures, greenery, trains and history. Then I proceeded to listen to more music while catching up with friends online and doing nothing of any significance. This was immediately followed by a beatific siesta. And then a dinner date with 2 of my good friends. So that in my opinion was the best Sunday in a long time :-)

Books I've read/am reading of late:-

Kite Runner by Khaled husseini:- Emotional rollercoaster. Loved it. Even cried while reading it.

Namesake by Jhumpa Laheri :- I really wanted to find out what the big deal about this book was. It is a really deep story and I was really distraught while reading it. I cant say I loved the book but that's probably due to the high expectations built about it. I am really excited about the movie though - especially cos it has Kal Penn playing the part of Gogol Ganguli. Really cool
article about him in the amNewYork today. I've loved him since the days of American i cant wait! :)

The Argumentative Indian by Amartya Sen :- Still on the first chapter.

The India Model by Gurcharan Das: - Fantastic piece of work. This paper was pointed out to me by a friend. I was impressed by it so much that I have to list it here. Give it a read. A few facts that jumped out at me: I was not aware that the outsourcing industry in India accounts for 20$ B! Or that half of our population is under the age of 25!!

Albums of Sunday:

- The Motorcycle Diaires OST
- Samandar by Rahul Sharma
- Garden State OST
- Corrine Bailey Rae's self titled album


Mosilager said...

heh american desi :D

awesome sight in superman when kal penn was wearing bose headphones while getting into a heli. the desis have arrived, usa!

Amrita said...

Like, totally! ;-)

lova said...

In total agreement with your music choices, as always :). I believe one of the guitar guy on "The shins" (Garden State) is a Desi..but I could be wrong.

Amrita said...

Merci Lova! :)
I looked up The Shins and none of those guys are Indians...maybe some other band on the OST?

Rajesh said...

Kite Runner - Awesome book (I read most of it on my way back form India - on the flight - so it was senti* times 2).

Amrita said...

Rajesh - oh man!! that's a bad time to read that book. It takes a while to shake off the feeling of gloom right? But such an amazing piece of work! (I read it on my flight to India...haha)