Friday, March 10, 2006


...this is the 100th post! Jeeyaaazus...already? I sure blabber a lot on here. But let's commemmorate this "special" post :-)

I've been on for the last few months...but i've been blogging since March 2003 when I released the first version of my website. I remember it being flowery...and very photo-filled...ha!! I used to maintain my own blogging system back then. I guess I decided to try when I got tired of maintaining my own site. So now that lies dormant...but this has picked up. I still have the archives from back then...and this is what I had to say THREE years ago.... hehehe.

Saturday, March 8th, 2003
TABLA BEAT SCIENCE was a very emotional experience...Talvin singh wasnt there though! Yesterday 7 ppl performed: Zakhir hussain(tabla), Ganesh Iyer(violin), Kersh Kale(Drums), DJ Disk, GiGi (Ethiopian vocals), Sultan(synthesizer) and Bill Laswell(bass). The concert started with a jugalbandi between Ganesh Iyer and Zakhir... made me cry....they were THAT good. miss Indian classical music...I think its by far the only music which connects to my soul. Probably cos i grew up with it....i was very proud of my heritage last night...i was elated that I had received the opportunity of being born and raised in India. Anyway, thats enough I guess...I'm gonna go back to work...have a tech paper due day after....c ya!

Friday, March 14th, 2003
India beat New Zealand! Yeaahhh :) :) GO INDIA GO INDIA GO! :) 7 hours away from Spring Break(9 a.m)...hang in there Ammu!

Hehehe....How times have changed!! OKAY THEN....moving on....

Le Mer, Le Soleil, Le Sable!!

Spring Break is still about 7 hours away co-incidentally... :-) I'll blog again after i'm back from Meeee-Ami. Le Mer, Le Soleil, Le Sable!! (the sea, the sun, the sand!)

Behave yourselves ;-)


max said...

have a lot of fun and sun ... =)

ito okashi said...

have foon lots of foon and come back all tanned and wot

Amrita said... took my ear off!!! :P

thanks guys...will think of you and of course take pictures. Ito..expect another postcard for your collection.

hmmm...the ovine needs to make more appearances in my bloggermathingiemers...and so does Kim :P

Le mer, Le soleil, Le sable!!! :-)

Rajesh Warrier said...

Congrats on reaching the landmark !!! :D

Kimbrly836 said...

Yo. I saw that. Here I am. Where ya goin'?