Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Baudot Code

During my music research today, I found this very interesting coding scheme: Baudot Code.

A place where you might have encountered this code before is Coldplay's album cover for X&Y. The cover depicts the phrase "X&Y" in Baudot. The clever kids also managed to sneak in a publicity message for the "Make Trade Fair" campaign in the back of album pamphlet. Yup...the back of the pamphlet depicts "Make Trade Fair" in Baudot :-) Smart.....very smart!! So this also gives us clues to what Chris Martin's hand tattoos really mean.

So here's my Baudot code....

Coming up...concert review for Coldplay's show at Nassau Coliseum on 27th March 2006.


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max said...

I knew that you'll find the code ... =)