Saturday, March 04, 2006

Cuteness to the rescue...

Can we get a giggle and a jaw drop here please?

Saturday brunch is a heavenly tradition: therapeutic and fun. It's when girls gather around to discuss the happenings and men from the night before. It's also when you can talk about crucial issues like "How many black shoes should you have? Where do you buy them? Nine West or Aldo? " etc. And of course the food is very useful to get over a hangover. That's exactly what happened today ...minus the hangover (apparently screwdrivers don't cause a hangover...excellent!).

Venue: L'Orange Bleue, SoHo.

Enter waiter. Dude was either really high on life or had smoked a little somthing. From Senegal...though he could pass for a Jamaican. He was a total trip. Questionable service....but really entertaining and of coure really he still got a fat tip from us girls. ;-) Some classic comments....


Me: "So what exactly is a mimosa?"
Him: Wink, Smile, "Champagne with orange juice", wink
Me: "Umm no..I'll settle for coffee"
Him: "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"

I apparently commited the biggest sacrilege on the planet.

Me: "No coffee's fine"
Him: "Plain coffee? Get the mimosa!"
Me: "No....ok..get me a cafe latte....but no mimosa. Am still in the process of waking up."
Him: "Comon...I was out till 5 this morning"
Me: "Well, I was out till the coffee please."
Him: "I'll make it myself". Did a happy jig....showed me his 5 fingers to emphasize that he was up till 5 and danced away.

How high was he exactly?

Damina: "Should I get Omelette A or Omelette B?"
Him: "Get the burger!"
Dev: "Do we get toast with the omelette?"
Him: Head shake, "French fries!!"
Our reaction: "Uhhhh! Ok!!"

So basically, his cuteness and entertaining presence saved his ass. Made up for the not up to par service. Food was excellent...and the much publicized french fries were awesome. Good music...and very cute restaurant. It was all orange and blue. Even the water jugs!! :-)

Good times...

P.S: 51-55 to Arizona (vs Washington). 2nd half. Fingers crossed!


A/T said...

Sounds like the kind of place I'd like to visit... funny waiter and all :P

Amrita said...

for your next visit Ali. :-)

Btw...Arizona lost :(

Rajesh Warrier said...

Tagged you by Fi5e .. check out ;-)

Amrita said...

another Tag?!!

ah crud...ok...i'll get to it eventually...


Rajesh Warrier said...

Sure .. take your time :D

ito okashi said...

your blogs always make me want to hang out with you amri.
that place sounds grand
dancing and all;)

Amrita said...

Come on over Ito! seriously... :-)