Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I couldn't resist...

..bought "Confessions on a Dance Floor" by Madonna.

I realized I should cos I'd been playing the songs on repeat mode from various websites. Especially "Isaac". After a point of time, it's really not worth it to face the ads and pop-ups. So my first "album" purchase at iTunes. :-) I'm still new to the software....just a couple of months...so this is a big deal for me.

It's weird how I cant imagine how I survived without my iPod before. I used to carry my CD player around while I was in college. But since I came to New York, that also didnt happen much cos I was already covered in jackets and stuff so it was simply too painful to carry more stuff. So now that I have my sexy little Nano....music to go always! And I'm loving it. The checklist for when I leave the house has one more item now: keys, wallet, phone, iPod. ;-)

I think my next acquisition is going to be something by Robbie Williams.....yup...Euro Dance/Pop is being revived in the house.

Shake it till the moon becomes the sun....

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