Thursday, July 06, 2006

New York New York

The last two days in New York have been very interesting. :-) How's that you ask?

July 4th Extravaganza

Well, July 4th was fun. This year we decided not to hit the FDR drive as it's covered with what seems like a million people. So we got out of my brother's building in Tudor City and what do you know? From the bridge, we had a clear view of all 3 barges from where the fireworks are set off. I was pleasantly surprised. It seemed a lot of the residents and visitors had realized that and soon a crowd collected.

The show itself was great as usual...10 mins too long in my opinion...but still ;-) I really loved the smiley faced fireworks and the jellyfish ones too. Good stuff! And of course we couldn't avoid the crowd...the bridge at Tudor was COVERED by a hundred or so peeps. Hehe.

Once upon a time, there was MACBETH...

This morning was pure adventure. I had always been dying to see a performance of "Shakespeare in the Park". This is the event in which the New York Public Theater puts up FREE performances in Central Park at the Delacatore Theater. There are usually 2 plays per year. The first one this year was MACBETH and it ran (is running) about 4 weeks.

Anyway....the catch to seeing "Shakespeare in the Park" is getting the free tickets. Box office opens at 1 pm and the lines for that start way early. So me and my partner in crime Sheetal woke up early to a rainy NYC morning. UGH!! We reached the line in the POURING rain at around 9:45. thankfully not too many peeps in front of us. It continued to pour over us and our umbrellas started leaking.

The dedication and optimism in the group was admirable :-) Drenched to the core, we sat down on our mat and read every little article in the AM New York, listened to my iPod, ate mom's yummy cooking (thanks ma!) and chatted away. A very fun experience! Hehehe.

The play itself was later at night. And what a show it was?! All the actors and actresses were really talented and delivered shattering performances. Seeing a play under the wide open sky is kick-ass ! The "thou"s and "art"s are that much more enjoyable ;-)

C'est fini!
~Ams :)


K said...

u of course conveniently forgot all the entertainment provided whilst you were waitin in the pouring rain giggling away...

Amrita said...

Oh my! How could I?

"And entertainment was also provided by our dear (jobless) friend Krishna..."

Your rendition of "samaja vara gamana" was very emotional for me :P