Sunday, July 16, 2006


There is some music playing
You cannot recognize it
There are no words
Yet sometimes there's a faint and eerie touch of humanity
Suddenly now there are beats attacking your brain
Your body is moving
Your mind is filled with incoherent images
Face're lovin it...'s tttttttechnoooooo


Thursday night. More than 3 years since Tabla Beat Science, it was a surreal experience to be watching Karsh Kale spinning music. He was great...spinning his trademark indian fusion-techno mix. Sans his charactestic (and a touch scary) goatee though. ;-) He was part of Kollektiv's launch party at Kush.

Under the pretext of watching Karsh, I got to hear 3 new DJs for the first time... V:Shal, DimmSummer and Zakhm. They were pretty good too. But of course my heart stopped when I heard the now familiar rythms of Karsh's music. Seeing him 3-4 feet away spinning some kick ass fusion was ... well....kick ass! :P And of course in characteristic Ammu style...I was bloody starstruck and didnt have the guts to go up and say hello. Jeeez!

Btw, I've said this before a dozen times in my blog... Karsh Kale's latest album "Broken English" is superb. I give it an A.

Pachaaa.... FINALLY!

Pacha is an Ibiza nightclub and is ridiculously popular throughout the globe. Well..they finally opened doors to NYC....a few months ago. I'd been planning to go there since Jan this year and despite all the free tickets they sent me...I cudnt make it. But this Friday...I broke the jinx and went to attend a friend's bday partee.

The music was delicious at the Techno floor. We had 2 different DJs. Dont know the first one's name.....but the second guy was James Zabeila (thanks K for the early morning research). He was amazing....and had quite a big fan following there. We couldn't stop dancing!! Gooood times :)

More techno-ish stuff to come...

Cheb I Sabbah and Talvin Singh (another one for whom I will be utterly first fusion love) at Central Park Summerstage.



A/T said...

Hey! I know Talvin Singh!

Amrita said...

Wow now you know Adnan Sami and Talvin Singh and the guy who wrote "Chaiya chaiya".

I wish I knew that much abt the music scene in Mex. But hey...we should start working on that project soon....

ito okashi said...

You go gurl! You're so clubulishus....

Mosilager said...

anoushka shankar and karsh kale are coming to chicago in august, looking forward to seeing them.

Amrita said...

@Ito: ;-)

@Mosilager: That's an excellent combination. Enjoy the show :)