Tuesday, July 18, 2006

So much mourning (contd)

Just when you think the world cant take anymore...

  1. The insaneMumbai blasts. Mindless, pointless killings...
  2. Hezbollah seizes Israel soldiers
  3. Israel imposes Lebanon blockade
  4. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah promises "open war" against Israel after his offices in Beirut are bombed. Acts of war raise risk to region
  5. Israel expands its strikes in Lebanon, attacking a large number of targets including, for the first time, the northern port city of Tripoli. Bustling Beirut becomes ghost town
  6. Israeli air-raids intensify, Hezbollah rockets reach Haifa
  7. Crisis continues in Darfur
  8. Iraq holy city bombings kills 45.
  9. And now this: Lashkar-e-Qakar warns of blasts in Delhi, Mumbai.

"Open war"?!!! How desperate are humans getting to attain their selfish ends to declare war in the 21st century? Do they not realize the repurcussions of it? Not to mention the countless lives being lost. I dont say this often.... but those responsible should FOAD!

And of course the biggest tragedy of all...Dubya...goes ahead and passes a very profound statement that the Hezbollah should "stop doing this shit". UGH! I'm not even gonna begin to remark on him...

What insanity would lead people to make a statement like this: "all the remaining 15 mujahideens are totally safe, and celebrating the success of this mission and also preparing for the next mission," said the email from Lashkar-e-Qahar taking responsibility for the July 11 attacks in Mumbai, in which apparently 1 militant was killed. Fucking retards!

We are imploding. Wake up, smell the blood...and stop shedding it!!

Even Mother Nature's giving us
enough signs ... It's time to start behaving children.



A/T said...

Wow... Is that an actual statement by Dubya??


Amrita said...

Yup. Read about it here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/5187276.stm

ito okashi said...

I've said b4 and i'll say it again, THAT joke of a man is an embarrasment to us all....

Rajesh Warrier said...

With all this happening now-a-days we can clearly see where we're headed. The Crisis in Israel/Palestine/Lebanon/Iraq have been going on for years now and we know who all are the culprits.

Now it seems the terror is spreading to other parts of the world and mainly countries like Spain,India and islands who have nothing to do with all this at all.

People like Dubya et.al are not helping the cause at all. I was actually surprised - how could he blame the "Hezbollah". What has he been doing? Well, as you said - why bother.

The very next day after the blasts in Mumbai LeT went on to condemn the attacks. "Condemn" ?? I mean comeon we all know what the truth is. If they denied their involvement - then agreed ..... but condemning. Gimme a break !! Its gonna be "So much mourning (contd ..contd ..and contd)" in the coming days and we still dont know how to handle them ~ sigh !!

Amrita said...

@Ito: ditto!

@Rajesh: I agree. LeT has noooo right to "condemn" any attack! WTF?
And yeah...the mourning shows no signs of stopping :(

Rajesh Warrier said...

@ Amrita - And did you know that DOT in India has banned blog-sites (blogspot/geocities/blogs.com)
my oh my everyone's going crazy !!!

Amrita said...

@Rajesh...yeah I read about that. Censorship at it's worst...and we thought only China was insane like that