Tuesday, July 04, 2006

World Cup = Drool Fest

Ok, this is going to be a girly post. There is nothing hotter than seeing tall athletic men ... getting all sweaty.... doing...what they do... Ahem! I'll leave more of the details to the girls reading this post.

My eye-candy from this world cup....this list is not complete of course...there are too many hot Italians ;) especially after today's KICK ASS match against Germany. Feeling sorry for Klose and Lehmann though.

Messi - Argentina. Ok. This is cradle snatching... I know... he's only 19. But very cute.

Ronaldo .... not R9 from Brazil... but the one from Portugal.

Jurgen Klinnsmann - The German coach (THUD!)


Jesus Girl said...

The captain of the German team, Michael Ballack is a hottie!!

Gurdeepak said...

Hey! I just checked that you know Radhika Murthy. Is there some way that I can get in touch with her? Pls pls!