Monday, July 31, 2006


1 week of orientation at work, a million presentations, countless coffees and too many sodas. Leading to..."Too-much-caffeine-itis"!! ;-)

I had given up soda for about 2 years cos of 2 main reasons...first, I'd gotten tired of it as I'd been living on Pepsi throughout college...and's really not good for health. I'd realized that besides the obvious sugar content problems...I would always feel weird sick and bloated after drinking a soda. So anyway, I hadnt had soda in a really long time. But that changed...and how?!

Throughout orientation, we'd get 15 min breaks now and then and all the analysts would make a beeline for the coffee machines and soda choices. So in a 12 hour period over 7 days, I would have had about 30 coffees (black) and 10 sodas.

Yup. Too much caffeine. Coffee is the good kind. But soda...nuh-uh! So this week, i'm gonna cut back on the soda and load up on coffee... ;-) heh. Good plan!

Random thoughts..
. Imagine a hybrid VW has it's AV cord plugged in and is cruising down the street. The image I get in my mind is that of a mouse scampering down the street....hilarious. Weird? I know!
.. To Aerosmith or Not To Aerosmith?
... Loving the new casa.
.... Hating the credit card bills owing to the buying of new furniture syndrome.

mmmmmmmmm cofffeeeeee. You can sleep when you're dead!! It's alllll good baby...


K said...

Hmm...I dont really know how much better coffee is to soda....esp since I have a feeling coffee is definitely more "addictive" than any soda I know. :-s

Amrita said...

But K...

Coffee can be good for health if taken in moderation. One to three cups of coffee a day may protect people from heart disease and strokes. It has antibacterial props which prevent tooth decay as well.

Coffee is far less dangerous than soda...which does nothing good for the body. On the other can cause osteoperosis, tooth decay and of course obesity.

So i pick the lesser of the 2 evils... :P :)

Rajesh Warrier said...

Both are addicive. I've pulled myself outta the Soda thing but still stuck with Coffee (not Black but Starbucks Mocha .. ).

Phospohric Acid seems to be one of the Soda - ingredients apart from other stuff !!

CK said...

Coffee is also a very good diuretic...and I've heard some rumours about its abilities as an antihistamine. Hmmm....