Tuesday, January 24, 2006

An amazing weekend!

Thursday through Sunday.....friends....music...food..drinks...much more music....and lots more dancing.....had an awesome time!!

Turntablist Guitar...

Thursday night was the Andre LaFosse guitar performance at The Monkey. Sheetal and I enjoyed the show a lot...but took turns zoning out...lol. Andrea's style was unique to say the least. He used an electric guitar and a sound board. This is how I understood his style:- he started by mixing sounds and then let the sound board repeat it...he added on tunes and melodies and with every stage it was as if the sound board learnt it and repeated it! (I'm not sure if that's making sense). At the end, he'd created a fantastic rythmic composition. One thing I really was impressed by was how he 'caught' notes and improvised on them... It was a spectacle. Small, intimate show....twas good. Followed by dinner at Saravanaas! Yummmy!(except for 3 obnoxious desis sitting next to us, talking abt their sex lives for all to hear! pbfftt...)

The Party begins!

The debauchery began Friday night with a grand zootopian dinner at Tony DiNapoli's. We had Clint for dessert! :P hehehehe. We created such a ruckus when he showed up as a surprise....I'm sure glasses shattered...15 or so ppl....ages ranging from 24 to 50...jumping up and down and screaming...what a scene!!! We headed over to The Saloon for the Unforgettable Fire concert. They were awesome as always. My friends also agreed. Mick is an awesome guitarist...i'm always overawed during the shows....

After the show, Clint was dying for Kati Rolls....so Clint, Noreen, Becca, Trish and I headed over to the Village...lots of memories from May....missed Niv! Then came time to get some beauty sleep. So we headed home. Sharon and Noreen were sleeping over at my "box" anyways. And I didnt want Clint to head back to Long Island at 3 in the morning, so we all squeezed into my box. Oh what a sight it was!!! lol

Sweeeet Saturday

Saturday morning dawned early for the box crew as we were all cramped due to lack of space.... :( sorry guys!! After a delicious breakfast at Tom's Restaurant (The Sienfeld restaurant - Clint was thrilled about this!), Sharon headed home and Noreen and Clint went back to LI. We'd made plans to hang out in the evening. Meanwhile, I caught some sleep and then as it was such a beautiful day....decided to hang out at Central Park with the Upper East side crew. So Steph, Erika, Becca and Trish...and me!....roamed around The Park. We took pictures of San Remo (Bono'a apt bldg), The Dakota and Strawberry Fields! It was nice to finally see the Lennon memorial. :)

We bid adieu to Steph and headed over to Noreen's place in LI....after a scrumptuous meal of pizza, beer and Smirnoff Ice, we headed over to Mulcahy's to meet Mike and have a few more drinks. The innocent plan turned into some serious mischief as shots after shots were downed....lots of dancing...obsessing over Clint's butt....etc. *ahem* Clint's wife should not be reading this blog. lol! a Billy Joel cover band was playing at Mulcahy's...so that was very cool too.

I was very sad to sat goodbye to my buddies....but we parted with a promise to meet again really soon...so all's good! :)

Super Sunday!

Spent the day with K-Man & Co. Had an awesome time! We went to the "Flamenco Festival" which was mind blowing. The Flamenco is such a beautiful dance! And the guitarists were exceptionally talented as well....especially Dennis Koster. Totally impressed !!!

Then Krish introduced us to a pastry shop in my hood...which I was unaware of ! ha! After indulging ourselves in dessert... (pre-dinner!)....we headed over to mid-town...where we *almost* had drinks at Banc cafe. After two failed attempts at ordering a drink there...I'm sure we have been blacklisted! haha. And then....I had Momos after forever....yay!! Overall, it was a perfect Sunday! :-)

And so...

So yeah...the weekend showcased lots of food....drinks...music...and the best part: my friends.

There were a gazillion pics taken of course. See them here!!!!


Rajesh Warrier said...

Thu-Sun 4 days? Aw maan .. dont remember the last time I might have a night out/partying of this kind - not even while @ school :( **regret**

Cool snaps .. drinks were flowing I guess and so were the shots eh ?

Amrita said...

thanks!! :)

Yup...Alcohol flowed...

I'm just trying to live it up my last semester at school man... :)

Rajesh Warrier said...

aah .. I see. Enzoy!