Monday, January 09, 2006

The remaining days: A New Year

The last 5 days in LA were beautiful....

"God is a DJ....

...Life is a dancefloor
Love is the rythm
You are the music..."

I returned to DJing after a 2 year hiatus and it felt fantastic. I have always wanted to get into it professionally.... In Tucson, I created quite a few compilations and mixes...and there were only 3 people who I gave copies of these to. My LA buddies were among them....

So I DJed the road trips and to see my tracklists and CDs was exhilirating. Why? Dont ask..DJing does that to me....

I think I will return to it soon....

Malibu Canyon Road

Went to the Venkateswara temple in Malibu on 31st Jan. That was the day the deluge began in LA. We almost didnt make it to the temple. The Malibu Canyon Road that goes to the temple is narrow and curvy and it would have been crazy in the rain. But just as we were turning back, the rain let up and we decided to brave it. I am so glad we did. The views of the Malibu valley were breathtaking. Misty and green mountains beyond which stood the swollen ocean waters. The temple was very peaceful. They'd expanded since my earlier visit there.

We also went by Will Smith's house...hahah! how did we know it was his? Well, in Hollywood, you can buy maps with celebrity homes!

Happy New Year

A new year. 2005 was a blur. 2006 is exciting and new.

Goodbye LaLaLand!!

I could almost not tear myself away. But keeping myself busy on the last day by cooking up a delicious south indian spread helped. Menu: Rava dosai, Masala, Sambaar, Vadai, Chatni (Kickass). It was awesome!

I am already missing my buds....but I'm glad we spent quality time together after so long. :)

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