Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Day 4: Choooo Choooo

December 26th, Monday

California Love

Another glorious California day…dum dum ta dum! You know life is good…and all you want to do is sing and dance…and run in the cold breeze till the feeling of freedom is bursting out of your skin….

All Aboard! The Rads Train….

So Radish (or Rads, or Radhika) is a big train/plane freak. Her trademark dialogue… “Ey…TRAIN!!” ….and this is EVERYtime she sees a train. The dialogue goes all screechy and ultrasonic when the said train has a steam engine. Don’t ask…I hang out with weirdos…but I love them :).

Well this particular day, we went to Griffith Park just to look around and scope out some hikes to do over the weekend. The whole ‘park’ had been wired with Christmas lights…so it was very pretty even in the day. The park is ginormous with golf courses, courts, camp grounds etc. And then out of nowhere, we saw the Travel Town Museum….showcasing….you guessed it…Trains. And of course Rads went all screechy cos she saw steam engines…lol! And the icing on the cake…was a tiny train ride around the park. This was super exciting even for the rest of us. So we of course went for it and I think the four of us combined were the noisiest and giggliest of all people on the train. The kids were queiet…and am not sure if that was cos of us..ha!

Then came time to say goodbye to Rads….and we headed back home to lounge away our exhaustion from the weekend. Saw Parineeta….good movie! Saif Ali Khan rocks!


Ito Okashi said...

awww, that sounds foon Amri!

rads said...

so the Santa Express would have been so happy to have us as its passengers- it couldnt have had it so good......:-) though the urge to eat karjat batata wada, masala chai, and all the possible junk sold in trains in India, completes the awesome experience of travelling in a train . Ahh.trains....well looks like the next step after Santa is the GC steam engine run train and the Rocky Mt. Express, and the one to Tibet.....and there comes wishful thinking to the picture to interrupt this comment... Happy travelling!!!

Amrita said...

yeah it was Ito-Frito :)

Rads: yeah...the Santa Express got lucky eh? ;) We could have tried to sneak in all that contraband food...but we would have been banned from Griffith Park I suspect...cos our behavior was quite questionable...without help from banned food items! ha! Hope you get to go on all those other trains soon... :)