Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Confessions on A Dance Floor

....Good album. It has a subtle 80's nostalgia to it. Madonna's voice is delicate and powerful at the same time. Definitely made me feel like dancing. I could picturize afros, bellbottoms, roller skates and disco lights in my head!! The album has a fresh feel to it and is a lot of fun to listen to. "Hung Up" is the star attraction of course. "Isaac" is very new....got an Arabic feel to it. Madonna's costumes are shocking...keeping with her spirit. Must buy this album!!

Other music that's got me hooked recently:
-Sean Paul's "Temperature"...I've really started appreciating his songs now. The beats really rock the boat.
-Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" - Did you know she was English? I had nooo idea! You cant detect the accent when she sings.
-Destiny's Child's "Check up on me" - I didnt like the song when I first heard it. But the adorable Pink Panther bg music and hearing it repeatedly in clubs did it for me I think. I'm hooked.

Movies that i'm looking forward to:
-King Kong (yes, I still havent seen it!)
-Da Vinci Code
-Pink Panther
-Ice Age - II
-Rang De Basanti (releases this Friday!!!! I dont really like Amir Khan....but I still want to see the movie)

Weather wise....apprehensive winter in NYC. It's been very warm for winter standards. Last January it was always below 20's. Now the temps are always above 30. Global warming ya think? It's worrisome. Especially cos i'm watching out for the snowstorm...which could be round the corner.

Hmm...Wed-dance-day tomorrow!!! :) Jazz in the morng....and Kathak in the evening.... :) :) :)


A/T said...

I can't wait for the Da Vinci Code either... It should be very controversial, but I'm in for it because I like Audrey Tatou.

I'm also looking forward to Munich *_*

Amrita said...

I know...I wish tom Hanks wasnt the lead actor though....but like you said...I can hardly wait for the movie to come out. The trailor was soooo good!!!!! :) You know, I bought the illustrated version of the book after I read the paperback...and the images are fantastic!!!!

Go see Munich Ali...another masterpiece by Spielberg. :-)

Rajesh Warrier said...

Wow ! They are getting The Da Vinci Code on reels ? Eagerly looking forward to that ...

Amrita said...

yup....May 19th release me thinks...check out the trailer here!

Servo's One Campaign said...

It has a great cast...except for Tom Hanks....

and the trailer looked great exceot for him.

Now will they make a film on Angels and Demons....