Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Yesterday's rant helped clear my mind. I just got really wild due to the whole situation. I would have probably killed someone if I hadnt met K and Andy on Monday night. That helped me calm down....and was of course a lot of fun!! :-)

On to more fun things. Despite it's vices, NYC is a great city....mainly cos its so rich in arts ....which is one of the 3 things keeping me here.

The New York Guitar Festival is going on right now...and I want to attend almost every concert. But I cant afford that. I definitely do want to see the following artists:
Andre LaFosse - Jan 19th - his style is called 'turntablist guitar'. I'm just fascinated by the term itself. I will definitely be checking this one out.
Dominic Frasca - Jan 20th - he won the Guitar Player Magazine's Guitar Hero contest. 6 and 10 string electro/acoustic guitar. I really wish I could see this show. Dominic is such a nice guy! But I've promised a dozen zootopians that i'll meet them at the Unforgettable Fire show the same night!! So....I'll have to pass this time. Hope to catch one of his shows soon.
"Flamenco in the City" - Jan 22 - Dennis Koster's flamenco soul performance. But expensive for me...25$ ....little much...well...I might just go anyways.

And of course...Si*Se on's a musical month!! :-) And I'm loving that...

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