Thursday, January 05, 2006

Where did the sun go?

So I spent the night crossing over to the mid-west...yes Chicago now. From 70 to 30 degrees in 3.75 hrs. From a sunny LaLaLand morning a snowy Chi-town morning boggles the mind!

Got some awesomely amazing (??) news yesterday which made me believe again :D

But....USC lost yesterday.... :( Pasadena was buzzing when I went by before the Rose Bowl it's probably gloomy. I saw a ton of dejected USC fans at the airport last wasnt pretty.

On another note...a friend of mine is now a crazy U2 fan...and I'm so very happy about that... :)

Song of the day: "We want prenup!!" Go figure.

More vacation blogging to continue...


Rajesh Warrier said...

Chicago !!!! hmm Been my hutment for about 2 yrs.

Try to go for the Sears Tower and John Hancock trip - provided the sky's clear.

Also, the wind chill would be creating havoc eh ? Enjoy !!

Amrita said...

Oh yeah...been there...done that...

Chi-town's one of my favorite places to visit...mostly cos of a certain best friend... :)

Rajesh Warrier said...

Ohh kays...

hmm enjoy the dwntwn and the snow (if any) :D